Is LifeForce T-2000 Effective?

by Dennis K
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At a Glance

LifeForce T-2000 is a male enhancement product that touts to hold up the natural mechanism of your body to increase free testosterone levels. With boosted T-levels, one can experience improved energy and power for promoting lean muscle mass. In addition, LifeForce T-2000 is said to be effective in enhancing one’s sex drive for an improvement in one’s sexual functions and performance in bed. With all these, LifeForce T-2000 purports to be the ultimate solution in terms of your physique and sexual capacities. The results are claimed to be remarkably cutting-edge, which can help a man improve his self-esteem.

Understanding How LifeForce T-2000 Function

man kissing the back of naked woman in bedIf you involve this supplement in your overall fitness regimen, it touts to be backed by science when it comes to its high-quality components that are said to be potent in increasing free testosterone by 300%, remarkably boosting energy levels and metabolism, as well as decreasing body fat percentage, trimming down the recuperation period in half, increasing one’s stamina and even the protein fusion.

Also, this particular supplement is also guaranteed to have undergone scientific studies that confirm the efficiency of the ingredients. It has also been manufactured in high-quality laboratory. LifeForce T-2000’s ingredient profile is claimed to be involving excellent quality of ingredients that have been comprehensively studied natural components that are able to aid in the increase of free testosterone. The components in LifeForce T-2000 are as follows;

Tribulus, Barrenwort, Maca Root, L-Arginine, Oat Straw Extract, American Ginseng, Cnidium Fruit, Epimedium Extract, Hawthorne, Chinese doddler, Catuaba, Cayenne, Ginger, Saw Palmetto, Ashwaghanda, Licorice, Velvet Bean.

LifeForce T-2000 Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

Basically, LifeForce T-2000 can be acquired through a 14-day free trial for a fee of $4.95 to cover the shipping. Going for it means you can receive a 30-day supply of the product, which contains 90 capsules. The trial starts on the date your order is made.

woman on top couple getting intimateAfter this trial finishes, you will be charged for the full amount of LifeForce T-2000, which is $89.95. Subsequently, you will be registered to the manufacturer’s autoship plan, which constitutes to getting a new order of the supplement every 30 days with you being billed for the full amount with every shipment monthly.

Moreover, the company behind LifeForce T-2000 also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees, as well as a $20 restocking charge. This is indicated in the supplement’s Terms and Conditions section.

Bear in mind that the Terms and Conditions also elaborate: “In order for your refund to be processed the product must arrive at our fulfillment facility within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date and you must not have been billed for the 14 day [sic] trial.”

This only means that the only way to buy LifeForce T-2000 is by undergoing a free trial, but this also invalidates the refund protocol. Outside of the 14-day trial, it doesn’t seem that LifeForce T-2000 provides a satisfaction guarantee that can actually be used by customers. Nonetheless, if you want to try, or discontinue your registration to their autoship program, you can reach out to their customer support at 888-830-7864 to get an RMA number.

What Users Have to Say?

As of this writing, we weren’t able to find legitimate user feedbacks online. We only came across reviews that were posted on affiliate sites. These aren’t really genuine reviews, just some marketing materials posed as feedbacks by affiliates who are looking to gain more customers in order to earn sale commissions.

There were a few we found online, including one by the review site SupplementCritique, which said that there’s not much notable difference experienced after using LifeForce T-2000. Under this article, there were five comments from consumers who were also not satisfied with the performance of the supplement. The criticisms were about the inefficient customer support and the troubles the free trial brings.

Is LifeForce T-2000 Really Effectual?

In planning to buy a male enhancement supplement, it is important that all angles are dissected and evaluated in order to make sure that you’ve chosen the right product. As for LifeForce T-2000, which promises to improve sexual performance and physique with increased lean muscle mass, it’s hard to say, especially since there are only a few customer feedbacks, and most of these aren’t very positive.

How Effective Are Testosterone Enhancers?

In general, this kind of supplements rarely works as advertised. There are so many of them in the market promising the same thing, but the results aren’t as remarkable as their companies make them appear. Is this really the case for all testosterone boosters? Let’s find out.

Dissecting the Components

Even as it is said to be made of science-verified components, most of the ingredients in LifeForce T-2000 are just like the ones contained in many other testosterone enhancers. And these said ingredients did not go through scientific studies and trials to substantiate their claims of being efficient in boosting one’s free testosterone or other physical and sexual gains the company says the users will have. Nevertheless, the review site SupplementCritique said: “While [T-2000 supplements] don’t ACTUALLY increase testosterone levels, they can at least give you the feeling that your free testosterone has increased.”

Given this, LifeForce T-2000 doesn’t really have components considered unique because most of the elements used in this supplement have already been utilized by many other testosterone enhancers in the market. In the end, the scientific proof that supposedly can verify the effectiveness of the ingredients in LifeForce T-2000 for augmenting free testosterone is weak and lacking.

Also, even if the said components were proven to be potent, they’re all included in an exclusive blend. Thus, we cannot know the precise amount of each of the components present in this testosterone booster, and whether said quantities are sufficient to generate significant outcome.

About Free Trials

If you’re not new in the supplement industry, you would have noticed that free trials, most of the time, are only means to get the customers’ credit card information. This is because products that are offered through free trials don’t really work well. If products don’t work, the customers are not likely to buy them again. So, some companies resort to trials frequently going up to 14 days. But these trials start on the date of your purchase, not on the date you receive it, so you probably have only 7-10 days to actually try it. When it’s finished, you’ll find yourself paying for the full amount because cancellation of the trial would be almost impossible courtesy of poor customer support. You will then be receiving recurrent orders with your credit card being automatically charged per month, and again, it’s possible that canceling your enrollment to their autoship program would also be a huge trouble. Of course, not all companies resort to this, but it’s important that customers are cautious in order to avoid falling into such traps.

Advertising Ploys

It’s also common in the industry to resort to psychological and emotional tactics to get people into buying products. Unfortunately, this still works despite the fact that some supplements don’t have enough clinical proof to support their over-the-top promises. But how do they do it? By developing sites into a way that can trigger the customers’ emotional response rather than their logical sense.

In LifeForce T-2000’s case, when you visit its official site you will instantly see a photo of a good-looking man with an amazing body, making you wish you’d look like that yourself. The company then makes up this sense of necessity by indicating: “WARNING: Due to popular TV demand our stores are struggling to keep supply in stock. As of Monday November 17, 2014 we do have a limited supply IN STOCK and ready to ship within 24 hours”. Lastly, they endeavor to ease the feeling of necessity they set up as means of manipulation by offering you their “free” trial, which isn’t actually free.

What’s the Final Verdict?

If you’re curious as to the effectiveness of LifeForce T-2000, you can still do so at your own risk. Just remember that there’s not sufficient scientific proof demonstrating the efficiency of the components present in LifeForce T-2000. Plus, this supplement is only accessible through a free trial, and most free trials are not well-favored by customers.

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