Men: Never Do These Things in Bed

by Dennis K
man wooing wife who looks disappointed in bed

All men love sex and seeing a woman hot for you is really something that gets your blood rushing. However, it is easy to turn a woman away in bed, causing her to frown and your member to go down. From cringe-worthy sex talk to hardcore porn style moves, learning the delicate art of ‘what not to do’ is as important as the showing her your skills.

The Jackhammer

disappointed woman laying in bed with man far on the other sideSome girls like it fast, some girls like it rough, but no girls like to feel like they are part of a construction site. You may feel like the all-powerful God that your inner self professes you are, but towering over a woman and jamming your penis in her as hard and fast as you can is more likely to cause a pubic fracture than an orgasm. Think about the science. A women’s two most sensitive areas are the clitoris and G-spot, neither of which are located through the other side of her back and deep into the mattress. By pounding in very hard and fast, you bypass the G-spot, giving the woman little to no pressure. Try slowing it down and making sure you’re moving almost all the way out and back in again so the head of your penis caresses that all important cluster of nerve endings.

Pushing her head down

Oh, you want your penis in her mouth? She probably hadn’t realized until you shoved her head down there. This is considered derogatory by pretty much every woman since the 1950s and doing this is not going to make her inclined to gently caresses it with her tongue, but more likely bite it clean off. If you want more penis-in-mouth action, try instigating it the other way around first. Why don’t you let your mouth get to know her first and if you’re lucky, she’ll return the favor.

Shoving her head into the pillow

Doggy style can already be a somewhat less intimate position, with her facing away from you. Getting her butt right up in the air gives you that perfect downward thrust angle, but unfortunately often leaves her with her face buried in a pillow, close to the edge of suffocation. Rather than pushing her down on the bed, why not bring her closer to you, sit her upward, and have her sit on you. That way you can reach her breasts too and they can join the party without any asphyxiation.

Saying the word ‘pussy’

man receiving a red card from wife for sexYou’re not a pornstar. You’re not a 14-year-old boy mocking his friend who just fell over. Stop saying pussy. Just never say it again. No woman wants to hear how much you want to ‘ram it in her pussy’. It’s not sexy, it’s not clever, it’s just plain vulgar. If you want to turn her on with sweet nothing, ‘pussy’ is not the way forward. Try asking her sensually what she wants and confirming how she likes it. If she’s not a talker, you’ll know straight away and she probably doesn’t want to keep your one-way conversation going either.

If you are a culprit of any one of these terrible habits, you need to curb your enthusiasm now. Sex is an elusive art, and one wrong move can lead to you being the party-time anecdote she tells forever. If you want to keep her on your good side and really see that ‘O’ face, steer clear of any of the above.

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