Mindful Eating for Efficient Weight Loss

by Danny Fernsby
man and his food choices

Losing weight is usually one of the primary goals of men and women all around the world now with the summer getting closer and closer with each day passed. It is quite impressive how weight loss consumes so much of our energy, time, attention and hoping that we will finally get rid of those few extra pounds in order to get our body ready to hit the beach.

Perhaps you have had a few disappointing experiences trying different diets and weight loss plans. If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are ready to try something new and exciting that will finally deliver the results of a great body and a peaceful mind.

How about you dedicate yourself to mindful eating? Perhaps this sounds like an unreal thing, but the truth is – it is totally real and here for you to enjoy it. In the following we will explain everything that you need to know on the topic of mindful eating and how is it supposed to help you lose that unwanted body weight and so much more!

What is mindful eating?

Before we go on explaining what mindful eating really is and how to lose weight by practicing mindful eating, let’s start with explaining what mindfulness really is.

Mindfulness is the condition of your body and mind when you are sharp and paying attention to details, especially inside your body what is happening around you. Mindfulness is being far away from any criticism and judgment. That is how we get to the definition of mindful eating – Mindful eating consists of you paying attention and being fully aware of your body and mind during activities such as drinking and eating.

While you practice mindful eating, you are attentive to the colors, taste, texture, smells, sounds, and temperatures of the food and drinks that we are consuming at the moment. You are aware of the feeling of hunger or thirst, the feeling of satisfaction whenever you intake a specific food and/or drink. You are leaving all judgment and criticism far behind you, not comparing yourself with other people around you and the way that they look.man enjoying a good burger

What does mindful eating involve?

  •       ♦  Eating without any distractions
  •       ♦  Eating in silence
  •       ♦  Eating alone
  •       ♦  Appreciating your food
  •       ♦  Eating slowly
  •       ♦  Using all your senses during your meal
  •       ♦  Distinguishing actual hunger and getting rid of any non-hunger triggers such as boredom

What are the health benefits of mindful eating?

Weight loss

There are many studies exploring the effects of mindful eating on obesity. All of the studies confirm the beneficial effects of mindful eating in the battle against obesity by helping these patients to recognize their actual hunger and eat right until they are actually full rather than eating out of boredom, eating non-stop through the day and increasing all of the risks that obesity brings in their lives. Mindful eating might easily be the one weight loss plan that actually works.

Fight eating disorders

Mindful eating teaches you to leave out all of the guilt that you might have been feeling whenever you eat, which brings you closer and closer to an eating disorder. Mindful eating has been found to help the patients with their eating disorders by getting them on the right track of eating and intake all the needed calories to lead a healthy lifestyle for a change without the feeling that they look and feel bad.

Improved nutrient absorption

By eating slowly, you act to improve your nutrient absorption. And good nutrient absorption is the key to a healthy body. Nutrient deficiency can cause a lot of medical issues that you would want to avoid, and this is the way to do it.

Reduced food cravings

By practicing mindful eating, you will eliminate any situation in which you eat out of boredom, emotion, just to join in a group of friends who are eating at the moment or eating just because it is time for lunch or dinner although you do not feel any hunger.

How is mindful eating supposed to help you lose weight?

man eating alone contentlyBy eating alone, slowly without any distractions and full attention of the state of your mind and body at the moment, you gradually reduce the risk of gaining any weight and actually working your way up to weight loss using a proper, healthy way to do so. Eating out of boredom, binge eating and eating although you do not feel any hunger are the most common reasons why you are dealing with those extra pounds in the first place. That is what mindful eating will help you to remove from your life as you get to enjoy and look at food from a whole different perspective.


How many times have you been stuck in front of the TV with a bag of chips and notice that it had gone empty before you even had a chance to feel its taste? How often do you feel guilty because you have eaten and ended up throwing up or making the decision to stop eating altogether? Perhaps now is the time to start practicing mindful eating and experience all the beneficial effects that this method brings in your life. Maybe it will eliminate the chance to share a lunch with a friend and talk at the same time or spend any more time in front of the TV or computer while eating, but it will sure help with your common food cravings and gain weight. Perhaps this is the way to lose weight and be happy with who you are for a change.

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