What Mistakes Are You Making in Regards to Sex?

by Dennis K
woman in underwear hugging man's waist 6 pack abs

Yes, you are a man but that doesn’t mean you aren’t making any mistakes in regards to sex. It might be difficult to admit it but the sooner you do, the quicker you can make your sex life better. If you think you are almighty and never make mistakes, you are actually going to turn women off. Learn about the mistakes that men commonly make. If you are making them, you can also learn what to do so you can avoid doing them as well.

Bedroom Sex

woman pleasured in bedDo you think that you should only be having sex in the bedroom? If this is something you believe, you need to change that mindset right now. Bedroom sex may be alright every now and again but it is going to get boring. Yes, you can end up in the bedroom. However, you need to start having sex in other areas of the house to spice things up. Get her aroused in the shower, while making dinner or while sitting on the couch.

Know it All

woman comforting upset man in bedroomAre you a know it all when it comes to sex? Well, do you think you are anyways? There is not one man who knows everything about sex with every woman they have sex with. If that is your way of thinking, you need to start changing that and fast. Women do want to have some control and they want to know they can tell you how things are feeling during sex. If you act like you know it all, they are going to be turned off. Let her express herself to you.

Change It

Alright, so you have had sex with other women who had so much pleasure during certain positions. Now, you plan to just do that with this woman as well. It isn’t going to work with every woman you sleep with. Sometimes you should change it; change your position and movements. If you are with the same woman for a longer time, you should change things too or it is going to get boring and she won’t be satisfied sexually with you anymore.

Physical Relationship

If your only focus is on sex, you aren’t going to be getting sex; at least not as much as you would like to. You can’t just have a physical relationship and not focus on her feelings or emotions at all. Sometimes she wants to sit there and just watch television with you and nothing more. She wants to be held in bed at times without you wanting sex. Have more than a physical relationship and you will be surprised how much more sex that leads to.


Do you think that the only way you are going to give her an orgasm is through sex? That is not the way to think about things. Did you know that ¾ of all women are more likely to orgasm through foreplay and teasing than they are through the intercourse itself. This is a fact you should remember. The stimulation you give her before sex needs to be amazing. If you think that you are going to get right to sex and keep pleasing her, maybe you should think again.

Think about all these things as you consider how your sex life is doing. You could be making one or more of the above mistakes. Many men make them. However, the sooner you admit that you have been making these mistakes, the sooner you can fix the issue. Let her know your care about sexual pleasure with her and change the mistakes you are making. You will be happier and more pleased that you did this as well.

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