The Number One Smoothie to Fire Up Your Sex Life

by Dennis K
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What is involved in having better sex? Well, you need to pay attention to your sexual health. Take care of any erectile dysfunction problems if you have them. Find ways that you can boost your sexual stamina and endurance. You should work out and you should be eating right too. There are many things that you can do if you want to fire up your sex life. However, you need to know about one specific thing that is going to help you with this starting today. You can drink the number one smoothie and you can make it every day if you want too.


preview-full-42b251af_smoothieYou need to make sure you are adding some peaches to the smoothie so you can fire up your sex life. The Vitamin C that is found in peaches is just what you need if you are going to be boosting your libido. Boosting your libido is just what you need if you are going to boost your sex life. Now you see how important peaches are to the smoothie. You can eat peaches as a snack too.


You also need to be adding in oats to the smoothie you are making to improve your sex life. The oats are very important as well. They are known to boost testosterone. The greater testosterone you have, the better sex you are going to have. Keep this in mind the next time you decide what you are going to eat for breakfast. You can also eat oatmeal as a snack or even as dessert before you get into bed at night. That is a perfect time to do that so you can have sex.

Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

couple having sex woman looking upYou should be drinking unsweetened cranberry juice twice a day if you can as well. This is a drink that doesn’t directly affect your sex life. However, it does reduce the bloating you have in your stomach. If you are less bloated, you will be more in the mood to have sex. There are many things you can drink to have a greater sex life. There are many smoothies that are great for you, green tea and now you know that unsweetened cranberry juice is just right for you as well.

Dark Chocolate Chips

Ah…dark chocolate…the best aphrodisiac of all time. If you aren’t the biggest fan of dark chocolate, maybe you will change your mind about this when you start learning how much it can do for your sex life. It has magnesium which helps you to relax. The more relaxed you are, the better you will be in bed. It also helps in releasing your endorphins which means you will have greater sex as well.

Now you know what you need to add into the number one smoothie so you can fire up your sex life. As you read, there are some other times when you can eat these foods as well. However, if you want the maximum benefits from them and if you want to have them all at once, you can do that by mixing them up into a smoothie. This smoothie, with all these ingredients, is tasty and you can take it anywhere. Keep your sex life fired up any time of the day and any day of the week just by drinking this smoothie.

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