Nutritious Ice Cream Brands You Can Have

by Dennis K
scooping chocolate ice cream

If you love to eat ice cream but you are trying to eat nutritiously, there are some brands that are healthier for you. This does not mean that you should have an endless supply of ice cream for your snacks. You should still pay attention to what you are putting into your body and how much of it you are eating. As long as you can remember this, find out more about the nutritious ice cream brands you can add to your list of healthy snacks and desserts. The ice cream brands you read about today are low in calories so you won’t be going overboard and using up a lot of the recommended daily calories in one snack.

Halo Top Ice Cream

ice cream in conesThe first and possibly the tastiest ice cream brand that is nutritious is Halo Top. The vanilla flavor is the healthiest for you. This ice cream is very low in calories and the texture is very creamy. With only two hundred and forty calories, you should not feel guilty about choosing this brand of ice cream as your night time or afternoon snack. Just remember that the carb content of Halo Top ice cream is a bit high so you shouldn’t eat one full serving in a sitting.


The enlightened brand makes tasty ice cream bars. One of the most recommended ice cream bars in this brand is the fudge. In just one of these bars you will only be getting seventy calories. You will even get some protein and fiber out of these Enlightened ice cream bars as well.


If you like to eat frozen yogurt or fro-yo, you should go with the brand ProYo. This is a frozen yogurt that many enjoy. It can be eaten as a tasty snack or even for a dessert after dinner. If you are looking for an ice cream brand that gives you more protein than other brands, this is the one you should go for.


ice cream scoops and berries in bowls with sugar coneHave you ever heard of the Tutti brand ice cream? They have a melon flavored frozen yogurt that tastes amazing. If you are trying to find a healthy ice cream, frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative. This choice from the Tutti brand has a very low calorie count and the taste is top notch as well. There are only eight calories in one ounce of this brand. You can’t find Tutti everywhere since it is a little chain. You may have to search online to see if anywhere near you sells this brand.

Arctic Zero

Another brand of ice cream that you may enjoy is Arctic Zero. If you are loving the chocolate flavors, you may really like the taste of this brand. There are only one hundred and forty calories in one pint of the Arctic Zero ice cream. Since this is a very low calorie snack, it is one that you may want to keep in your freezer. The only problem with this brand of ice cream is that the flavor is not quite as good as the other brands mentioned above.

There are many types of ice cream made but unfortunately most of them are not good for you. If you are in love with ice cream, you can still eat some or the best alternatives for ice cream, anyway. Taste the above-mentioned ice cream brands and the alternatives to see which one is your new favorite. You may very well find a new favorite snack that is good for your health and nutrition. It may not taste quite as good as the Ben & Jerry or other similar brands but it will be good for your health and that is what is the most important. Get to the store and pick out these brands to store in your freezer for when you want a tasty but healthy snack.

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