Does Your Partner Have Rules That Halt Your Sex Life?

by Dennis K
man kissing blindfolded woman getting intimate in bed

You want to have an amazingly spectacular sex life. This depends on what you make of it and what your sexual partner wants out of it as well. You must respect your sexual partner but what do you do if she has rules that halt your sex life. This can become a real bummer for your sexual drive. The great thing is that you can make things work no matter what. You just need to be creative and come up with ways to make every experience and every rule fun. If you are ready to make the best of what your sexual partner wants, so you can keep your sex drive and sex life going read more here.

No Sex When Lights Are On

Young woman in police uniform holding belt in front of young man lying on couchSo, your lady friend is a little sensitive about her body and she has a rule that you can’t have sex when the lights are one. If this is a rule that has been bothering you, forget about it. Your sexual partner has issues with her appearance and you must will need to respect that. If you want to help her feel better about herself that will maybe lead to you being able to have sex with the lights on. There are some things you just have to give her time with. What can you do? You can give her compliments on her touch, technique and more when you are having sex in the dark. When you are not having sex, compliment her on the great things you love about her. The more comfortable she becomes with you, the more comfortable she may become with having sex with the lights on. You could also make the scene romantic with some candlelight. This will get her thinking she isn’t being seen, yet you can still see the silhouette of her body.

No “Odd” Sexual Positions

So, your lady is a bit old fashioned and doesn’t want to have sex in any so-called “odd” sexual positions. This could be for a variety of positions. If she isn’t that experienced, she may not want to embarrass herself. If she hasn’t had a good experience with that position in the past, she may stay away from it. Maybe a position brings her more pain than pleasure and she doesn’t want to mention this. Some women are more shy as well so they are scared to try new positions. What can you do about this? Accept that it may take her more time to get used to new positions. Maybe slowly try moving into a casual but new position.

Can’t Have Sex When the Kids Are Awake

If you have kids, you know how rowdy they can be at times. You know that your kids might walk in on you having sex. They could get frightened or confused and your sexual partner may be put off by this. This is a completely reasonable request.  However, there might be times when she wants no sexual type contact in front of the kids. There are some solutions to this. You can put a lock on the door in your bedroom so they can’t just walk in. You can teach your kids that a locked door means to wait a bit unless there happens to be an emergency. Create bedtimes that are consistent for your kids so you know when you can have personal time with your partner.

Not Having Sex Right After Eating

preview-full-140329044016132-sex123456 couple kissing getting intimateSo, you have just had an awesome dinner date that went so well with your lady. You think that you are going to have a romantic time when you get home as well. However, she has this rule that you can’t have sex right after eating. She is afraid something awkward might happen such as passing gain, getting odd full-stomach pains or something similar. What can you do about this? You can commit to taking gas pills before you eat. You can talk to her about having sex before you leave for dinner so this isn’t a problem.

These are some of the rules that your sexual partner may have and things you can do about it. Don’t let these rules mess up your sex life. You can still have a high sex drive and an excellent sex life while playing along with these rules.

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