A Product Review of Alli Weight Loss Pill

by Dennis K

Alli Weight Loss Pill Introduction

The primary component in this weight loss product is orlistat, which is claimed to avoid around 25 percent of the fat from the foods consumed and assimilated by the body. This could result to weight loss.

Alli Weight Loss Pill Overview

preview-full-weight-loss-drugsIt is true that losing weight is a great challenge with so many obstacles to surpass. At least this is what it feels like as your body deliberately learns how to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Even though your weight loss management plan starts to be good, you could still find yourself and body stalling that you don’t see any changes.

Alli Weight Loss Pill aims to increase your weight loss efforts with 60 mg of orlistat. Its manufacturer calls this component the most lengthily researched weight loss component in the world as it is claimed to support the blocking of 25% of fat that comes from the foods being consumed.

This means that for 2 lbs that you shed by dieting and working out, regular intake of Alli Weight Loss Pill claims to make you lose one more lb, which also indicates that your weight loss efforts has an additional 50 percent. For this precise reason, Alli Weight Loss Pill has been sanctioned by the FDA to be sold to dieters out there. In fact, Alli Weight Loss Pill is the only over-the-counter weight loss supplement that’s been given FDA approval. It’s no surprise that this dietary product is being taken by over 12 million individuals in the United States and Europe.

This article aims to tackle everything there is to know about Alli Weight Loss Pill. This way, you’ll be able to make a conscious decision whether to try this product or not.

Reasons for Weight Gain

Generally there are multitudes of reasons behind the body’s gaining of weight. These are from dieting, or lack thereof, to medical issues.

Most individuals obtain more weight because of their high calorie intake. With high calories, the body stores additional energy within specific fat cells in the form of glucose. As glucose remains unused, the fat cells become bigger.

So, how does Alli Weight Loss Pill avoid this from happening?

Through the ingredient orlistat that’s also called tetrahydrolipstatin and xenical (brand name), weight loss is achieved. This component is viable in prescription and non-prescription forms. Technically, it’s a lipase inhibitor that avoids gastric and pancreatic lipases from decomposing fat into tinier particles. This means that their absorption is also prevented.

Simply put, Alli Weight Loss Pill connects to the enzymes in-charge of digesting fat and stops them from functioning, so no fats are developed.

As previously stated, orlistat in this weight loss product claims to decrease fat amalgamation by around 25 percent. Per gram of fat has 9 calories, thus, Alli Weight Loss Pill touts to spare you from an estimate of 2 ¼ calories per gram of fat ingested. The company further explains:

“For example, if you eat a meal with 20 grams of fat, (9 calories X 20 grams =180 calories of fat), alli® will prevent the absorption of 5 grams of fat (9 calories X 5 grams =45 calories from fat); you will still absorb 15 grams of fat (9 calories X 15 grams =135 calories from fat).”

Alli Weight Loss Pill in Promoting Weight Loss

It was found in clinical research that nearly all people who joined the study shed 5-10 pounds within a 6-month course. This means 5-10 percent of their entire weight.

In addition, its manufacturer says that outcome should be expected within two weeks. Optimal results should be seen within a 6-month course of regularly taking Alli Weight Loss Pill.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that perhaps you won’t take this product under austere clinical scenario. Thus, it does not imply that you’ll essentially encounter the same. Why is this?

Firstly, the official site of the product emphasizes that orlistat does not soak up calories from proteins or carbs. With this, if fat calories were substituted with other calories from other sources, Alli Weight Loss Pill’s complete range of advantages won’t be felt.

There’s another thought that needs to be considered and this is how the weight loss supplement functions on every meal. On the other hand, not all meals are assimilated simultaneously. Factors include the kinds of food you eat, the amount of liquid you consume and others. This means that Alli Weight Loss Pill may work more effectively for certain foods.

Finally, Alli Weight Loss Pill cannot be considered some sort of a weight loss product that works like magic. Good thing is that its company still underscores the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. That is if you want to truly see and feel weight loss effects. Without making efforts to eat right and work out, Alli Weight Loss Pill might not be enough to help you lose weight.

To help customers achieve proper nutrition, the official site of Alli Weight Loss Pill has a comprehensive list of meal plans and recipes. There’s a meal target calculator available, so you can personally check the fat and calories you’re consuming daily.

Alli Weight Loss Pill Clinical Evidence

a meal of pills - modern livingWhile the company of Alli Weight Loss Pill does not give much proof about their product, they stated:

“Scientists have studied orlistat for over 25 years in 100 clinical studies involving more than 30 thousand patients,” and that it has been utilized by over 5 million individuals thus far. Up to now you can still search for a lot of these tests by keying these terms online:

Alli clinical trials

Orlistat clinical trials

Tetrahydrolipstatin clinical trials

Xenical clinical trials

The precise data of these tests could probably not interest you, but there’s proof available that verifies the effectiveness of this ingredient that prevents fat from being formed.

Importance of Alli Weight Loss Pill FDA Endorsement

While the Food and Drug Administration does not do drug tests, the agency is also responsible when it comes to ascertaining that these drugs are harmless and efficient before being introduced and sold to people. In order to achieve this, a company must do an examination of their drugs and present proof to the agency via a new drug application or the NDA.

In contrast with dietary products or supplements, FDA has to sanction all new created drugs sold in the United States. Thus, though it’s good that Alli Weight Loss Pill is supported with clinical proof and is endorsed by FDA, they’re only basically complying with regulations.

Alli Weight Loss Pill Adverse Reactions

Its manufacturer suggests that Alli Weight Loss Pill must only be taken by individuals who have a Body Mass Index of 25 or higher. Users must also be devoted to shedding 5-10 percent of their body weight. Proper nutrition and exercise are also crucial part of the equation.

Furthermore, this product must be well-matched with many diet plans like NutriSystem. Just not in dietary regimens that are low in carbs and high in fat.

While Alli Weight Loss Pill has an interaction with the body, less than 2 percent is actually assimilated into the bloodstream and undergo metabolism by the kidneys. Thus, it does not really have any increasing result. Also, Alli Weight Loss Pill will not produce any straight results on the cardiovascular or central nervous system. That is why there’s no need to think about an accelerated pulse or being moody.

According to the manufacturer, Alli Weight Loss Pill is not ideal among the following:

People who are using cyclosporine

People who have had an organ transplant

People who have problems in food digestion

People who are allergic to any of the product’s components

People who have normal weight

Women who are expecting or lactating

Thought Alli Weight Loss Pill is generally fine to be taken when you don’t belong in the categories above, you still need to consult your physician if:

You’re using warfarin, which is a medicine for thinning the blood. This means your medication may need adjustment.

You’re under medication for diabetes or thyroid disease. Your medication may also need modification.

You’re using prescription drugs for seizures.

You’re consuming other kinds of weight loss supplements.

The manufacturer of Alli Weight Loss Pill suggests you discontinue its use if you encounter the following:

There’s itchiness, yellowish eyes and skin, dark urine, or diminishing of desire for food.  Also, there have been reports of liver issues among individuals using orlistat. These reports, however, are rare.

Consistent occurrence of stomach pains, especially when this becomes more unbearable. This could indicate a severe medical issue.

If you’re already taking prescription for seizures and your seizures become even worse.

The ingredient orlistat could possibly have an interaction with particular drugs for seizures, as well as significantly lessen the assimilation of fat soluble vitamins that includes Vitamin D.

Finally, Alli Weight Loss Pill’s manufacturer highlights that there have been uncommon occurrences of liver issues associated with the consumption of orlistat. Still, they stated:  “The FDA completed a safety review of orlistat in May 2010 based on reports that were received over a 10-year period. The FDA concluded that a cause and effect relationship has not been established.”

Alli Weight Loss Pill Price

This weight loss supplement is accessible via numerous online and physical resellers. This includes CVS, Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and others. A single pack of Alli Weight Loss Pill containing 120 pills has a price range of $50-$74. The exact amount depends on the store where you make the purchase. The money-back guarantee also depends on the store.

To save money, you can opt to register with the company, so you get a $10 off coupon when buying this weight loss product.

What Users Have to Say?

First introduced back in 2007, Alli Weight Loss Pill has had a lot of time to earn online reviews. Below is the outline of the feedbacks from prominent websites.

On Amazon.com, it garnered an average of 3.9. This came from almost 2,000 comments. Among these feedbacks were optimistic testimonials saying Alli Weight Loss Pill is efficient as long as it’s used alongside proper nutrition and exercise.

The poor reviews appeared to concentrate on an oily discharge in color orange coming out from the anus. This is actually the fat coming out of the body. It’s been said that there’s no physical warning to make you aware of this discharge, so this may be become awkward if this happens to you in public. There’s also the report that Alli Weight Loss Pill’s present formula is less superior after being re-launched in 2012.

Such positive feedbacks and poor reviews could be seen on such websites such as Drugs.com and Walmart.com.

This weight loss supplement is created and produced by GlaxoSmithKline, a leading figure in the industry. The company is internationally known for manufacturing multitudes of prescription drugs and vaccines.

Final Verdict: Is Alli Weight Loss Pill the Ultimate Weight Loss Supplement?

While Alli Weight Loss Pill is a famous selection since it’s well-known and there are many good feedbacks, it’s not the only weight loss solution that can avoid the amalgamation of fat. Other products like Chitosan and FBCx are present. Of course, since these products are different, they make use of another method in thee supplements’ overall process and function.

Of course, you also need to exert efforts yourself through changing your eating habits. Stick to a low-calorie diet and engage in fitness on a regular basis. Proper nutrition and training are still crucial in order to see weight loss results even when taking Alli Weight Loss Pill. Thus, this weight loss supplement cannot work solely on its own. It merely gives your weight loss efforts a great deal of advancement.

If you’ve just begun to exercise, or you haven’t trained in a long time, kickstart your fitness habits by walking. If you feel you’re all geared up to take it to the next step, be wise when it comes to choosing the gym membership that suits you best.

As a final point, this product is only attributed in the loss of 5-10 percent of your entire weight. This means around 5-10 lbs in a 6-month period. Relatively though in better conditions, a lot of individuals shed 1-2 lbs every week. This means 24-48 lbs in over similar duration. It depends on every person and his/her individual efforts. Nonetheless, although When taking Alli Weight Loss Pill can surely help you lose weight, it’s best to not anticipate any changes of magnanimous intensity.


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