A Product Review of BioMuscle XR: How Safe and Efficient is this?

by Dennis K
guy with defined arms doing bicep hammer curls

BioMuscle XR: At a Glance

This nutritional product intended for men touts to be a scientifically improved formulation that improves nitric oxide levels, as well as:

Transform bodies to become more ripped and muscular in only a short span of time.

Cut down body fat, supply intense muscle enlargement and augment natural force and vigor.

Boost energy levels.

Enhance muscles.

Make your physical efforts such as your exercises become more effectual.

Further strengthen your abs, chest and legs.

Hold up muscle exhaustion and encourages recuperation.

Make your body become leaner instantly as claimed.

Due to these said features and benefits, BioMuscle XR is touted as the Number 1 selling muscle supplement, which is taken by well-known athletes and personal trainers.

Of course, BioMuscle XR has to have a set of potent components in order to obtain the aforementioned benefits. The company behind the supplement claims that the components in BioMuscle XR are in a comprehensive release formulation, which guarantees optimal nutrient assimilation sans calories, carbohydrates and sugar.

fit guy doing floor ab crunchesBioMuscle XR Proprietary Blend 800mg: L-Arginine Alpha

Ketoglutarate 2-1, L-Arginine, L-Arginine


L-Citrulline 5mg

Dipotassium Phosphate 4mg

BioMuscle XR is marketed as the ultimate nutritional supplement for men that can bring out the power in you. If you’re too thin and want to grow muscles and develop strength, its manufacturer says this product is ideal for you. If you’re out of shape and want to shed some pounds, this can work for you as well. Even if you’re already in the right shape and just want to be able to exercise for a longer period of time, BioMuscle XR can also help as it claims to intensify power and strength. The question is: will this supplement really deliver your expected results and be a value for money? We think no and below are the reasons:

Clinical Study/Research Involved in BioMuscle XR

Though the product itself seems to not undergo any clinical study, its components did. However, the outcome is not positive when it comes to building a link between these ingredients and muscle improvement. For instance, Supplement View said that l-arginine, though potentially efficient for multiple health states since it aids in expanding arteries and enhancing the flow of blood leading to several health benefits, there’s no concrete and adequate proof implying that it can promote muscle development or increase the chances of losing weight, or even improve your physical performance for training or working out.

Similarly, there’s lack of clinical support illustrating that l-citrulline can do something to increase workout performance or give any advantages as promised by the manufacturer of BioMuscle XR.

Also, though there’s no specific instruction as to the suitable dose for l-citrulline, it is advised that adults’ consumption be in the range of 2100 mg to 20 grams a day, depending on your state. With this, since the l-citrulline in BioMuscle XR is enclosed in an 800mg exclusive mixture, you cannot for certain the exact amount you’re actually receiving and if this amount is even sufficient to deliver any outcome.

Evaluting Other Product Assertions

Despite its insufficient clinical verifications, this nutritional supplement also has other assertions, which includes the BioMuscle XR being taken by top athletes and personal trainers. Its manufacturer even said the product was featured on CBS News, MSNBC, CNN and Men’s Health.

Nevertheless, we were not able to find any promotions made by professionals online. There weren’t any third-party verification of these, either. Also, we did not find anything suggesting that BioMuscle XR was featured on the aforementioned TV networks. That is why we’ve come to conclude that these assertions made by the product’s manufacturer are just marketing gimmicks to mislead people.

What Users Have to Say About BioMuscle XR?

As of this writing, the product had only been endorsed less than one month, so it didn’t have genuine consumer feedbacks on the web.

On the other hand, as we’ve mentioned many times before, a lot of nutritional products such as BioMuscle XR are available via affiliates. These affiliates are not directly supervised by the products’ companies, so they resort to creating fake user feedbacks with the intention of giving prospective consumers the impression that they’re reading actual reviews when they’re really just a bunch of marketing stuff.

BioMuscle XR Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This nutritional supplement is offered via a 14-day trial costing $5.95 in which you’ll get a 30-day supply (60 capsules).

preview-full-Building-Chest-MusclesAfter the 14-day trial is over, you will be charged $89.73 for the total cost of BioMuscle XR and be registered in their autoship program, which indicates that your supply will be automatically replenished every month, so you will also be charged of $89.73 per month.

As often emphasized, so-called free trials and autoship schemes are not there to offer expedience to users, but to make sure there’s money that comes in every time. That is why we usually don’t recommend products which can only be purchased through this way.

Furthermore, BioMuscle XR has a 30-day money-back guarantee, though you have to cover the shipping and handling fees, and there’s also 15% restocking charge. To ask for refund, call the customer service at 866-356-7277.

Bottom Line: Is BioMuscle XR the Ultimate Muscle and Weight Loss Solution?

Since none of the components in BioMuscle XR have been clinically demonstrated to deliver results as its manufacturer is claiming, it’s unlikely that the product itself won’t live up to its promise. It’s also discouraging that the company behind the product makes use of cheap marketing ploys.

With all these factors for deliberation, we think BioMuscle XR’s steep cost cannot also be justified with its so-called health benefits when there’s no foundation to such assertions. But if you want to try something alike, supplements containing l-arginine are common, which you’ll certainly find at a nearby drugstore for lower prices and higher quantities.

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