A Product Review of Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake

by Dennis K

Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Overview

preview-full-smoothies-780Weight loss shakes are getting more prominent these days. Before there were only weight loss supplements or pills, but nowadays these protein shakes have become challengers to the good old diet pills. Meal replacement or protein shakes are formulations developed to achieve weight loss goals by the reduction of people’s daily calorie consumption. The said approach is believed to help a great deal in torching excess fat. That’s why it’s no wonder there are so many of these weight loss shakes online. There’s a high demand, so there has to loads of supply.

One example of this product is Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake. This particular item claims to provide the essential nutrients your body needs daily, but with less calories. Thus, this is said to be a great substitute to your regular meals like breakfast or lunch. Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake is filled with calcium, protein and a blend of vitamins and minerals to support the body’s normal functioning.

This article aims to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake. This can help you make the conscious decision of whether to use this product or not. This is especially useful since this particular protein shake does not have a lot of reviews online.

About the Company

Given by the product’s name, Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake is from the brand Equate, which is exclusively owned by Walmart. The brand has a range of health and personal care products that go from dental, hair, and eye care. It also has products for the body’s overall use.

Pharmaceutical firm Perrigo Company plc is the one that produces the products behind the Equate brand. Perrigo is actually one of the principal companies that supply products to privately-owned over-the-counter pharmaceuticals in the US. Thus, all items under the Equate brand created by Perrigo are solely created for Walmart only.

Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Components

This meal replacement shake contains the typical ingredients for such a product. It only differs on the quantity of such ingredients. Here it is: 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, 18 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of fiber. There are the vitamins A, D, E and C and the minerals calcium and iron. All the components total to 190 calories for every portion.

Proper Use of Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake

The recommended intake of Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake is to combine it with water, milk or other liquids, shake and then drink. It is ideal to drink it all up when ice-cold. Women who are expecting should not take this protein shake. If you want to shed pounds, but you’re currently under medical prescription, you should talk to your doctor first if this is fine.

Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Product Features

This protein shake is available in multiple flavors, so you have more than one to try.

Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake allows you to suppress your food cravings or hunger. This then allows you to prevent overeating, which of course helps in losing weight.

Its calorie content is low, something that is vital in order to shed significant amount of pounds. When calorie consumption is reduced for a reasonable period of time, there’s a great potential for positive results, which is weight loss.

The price is reasonable compared to other similar meal replacement shakes. At $5.42 for 6 servings, this meal replacement shake is very much reasonable you won’t find it hard to be able to maintain it.

Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Availability

This particular protein shake are solely offered at Walmart. In fact, all Equate products are sold here. A box containing 6 packets costs $5.42. You can also conveniently purchase Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake online in the comforts of your home with a shipping fee of between the ranges of $4 to $11. This will depend on where you reside. You get free shipping if your total purchase is above $50.

Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Refund Policy

There’s no free sample provided. It is also not indicated that Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake is being offered with a money-back guarantee. Considering that a box with 6 servings only costs $5.42, this shouldn’t be a big deal. With a very low price like this, you can even consider it a free sample with very minimal payment.

What Users Have to Say?

On the Walmart website, Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake gets mostly positive reviews. It received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 58 consumer feedbacks. According to these reviews, they find the protein shake delectable and very cheap. However, there are no feedbacks available on other sites.

Is Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Harmless?

Based on our study, this protein shake has artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Unfortunately, this ingredient is assumed to be dangerous to intestinal flora. With this compound present in the product’s formula, the question of its safety is left unanswered.

Bottom Line: Is Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake the Real Deal?

fruit smoothies banana berriesWhen it comes to being super budget-friendly, Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake can be very reliable. Though its safety cannot be ensured as of now, there are some users who are pleased with the product, so that’s a good sign. Since it only costs not more than $6 for 6 servings already, you can try it out and see for yourself. If you feel Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake works well with your body, then you’re lucky because you don’t need to spend a lot to be able to maintain it. Just remember that weight loss cannot be fully achieved by only depending on protein shakes. It is also crucial to follow a fitness plan that you can regularly perform in order to see optimal results in terms of a healthy weight.


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