A Product Review of IsagenixIsalean Pro: How Harmless and Efficient is it?

by Dennis K
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IsagenixIsalean Pro Overview

Protein shakes are a kind of product that is in the form of powder. These are actually dietary supplements loaded with the necessary nutrients to help bodybuilders with muscle enlargement. These are typically combined with water or milk and consumed before or after training. Some people also opt to drink protein shakes in place of full meals, something that people who want to lose weight often do. Basically protein shakes don’t have high calorie content. That’s why if such products are used as meal substitutes for a long span of time, there’s really the possibility of shedding pounds.

There are many protein shakes available in the market and one is IsagenixIsalean Pro. This product is composed of mostly whey protein that’s considered to support athletes for their muscle growth goals. This dietary supplement is a specialized kind of formulation that even adolescents can take to strengthen their bodies up.  Simultaneously, IsagenixIsalean Pro also asserts to support weight loss as it can be taken as a meal replacement shake, so that you only consume very low calories daily.

Since we’ve come to observe that this product hasn’t a lot of feedbacks online, this review will serve as a candid assessment of IsagenixIsalean Pro. This way you can properly decide if you want to try this protein shake or not.

About IsagenixIsalean Pro’s Company

preview-full-exercise (1) ripped guy lifting weightsThis protein shake is developed by Isagenix International LLC. This is a multilevel marketing company that started in 2002. The company aspires to improve people’s overall wellness with the creation of dietary and personal care items. Based on reports, the company produces about $335 million in sales, made feasible by the contribution of its 200,000 sales employees.

Its official site provides many kinds of protein shakes, diet pills, snacks and other dietary products. There are even beauty items available. Also, Isagenix gives you the chance to make money by providing people wealth creation project packs, which you can use to earn money with by offering the products to others. That is if you join in their program.

What are the Components?

The primary component in this protein shake is a distinct protein complex that’s called Myo-Isalean Pro Complex. This comes from the concentrate of whey protein. IsagenixIsalean Pro’s manufacturer also made use of the concentrate of milk protein as well as amino acids, making 36 grams per serving. This makes 72% of the whole formulation.

The next collection of components in the formula is as follows: carbohydrates (21 grams), sugar (9 grams), and dietary fiber (6 grams) while the overall fat content is 6 grams.

The final group of IsagenixIsalean Pro’s components is vitamins and minerals. These are vitamins A, D, C, E and B and minerals zinc, chromium, copper, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

Proper Use of IsagenixIsalean Pro

This protein shake contains 68 grams in every package. This has to be combined with either water or milk for drinking. If the goal is to shed pounds, it is suggested to take IsagenixIsalean Pro as a substitute for 1-2 of your regular meals. This is to lessen your caloric consumption each day and is expected to produce weight loss results after some time. But if the purpose is for muscle growth, it is ideal to drink IsagenixIsalean Pro before or after your training. As long as you’re healthy, you can drink this protein shake as it is generally harmless for everybody.

IsagenixIsalean Pro Product Features

This protein shake allows you to repress your food cravings.

IsagenixIsalean Pro is available in three flavors.

The product encourages muscle growth.

It has enzymes that manage absorption effectively.

IsagenixIsalean Pro Availability

This dietary supplement comes from a multilevel marketing company, so purchase of this product is through its distributors. IsagenixIsalean Pro is also accessible on the official site where you can purchase it for no more than $74 for a box containing 14 servings. To avail discounts, you need to be a member in the company’s marketing program for distributors. Not only do you get discounts, you also get to earn money through sale commissions.

IsagenixIsalean Pro Refund Policy

Since it’s being offered by distributors and comes from a multilevel marketing company, it’s unlikely that there’s a refund policy, unless of course approved by the distributor where you got your supplement from.

What Users Have to Say?

As mentioned, IsagenixIsalean Pro does not have a lot of feedbacks online. However, were able to seek one testimonial and it was negative. According to the customer, he was dissatisfied with the product and he was not fond of how it tastes, so he just got rid of it. Apparently, this kind of comment does not encourage other buyers who are thinking of giving IsagenixIsalean Pro a try, especially that it’s not very cheap.

Is IsagenixIsalean Pro Harmless?

preview-full-timthumb ripped guy flexing musclesThus far there’s no concrete information suggesting that this protein shake has negative effects. According to its company, IsagenixIsalean Pro can be used as long as you’re healthy. If you’re looking at losing weight by reducing calories, consult your doctor first just to be sure that you’re healthy before embarking on your weight loss journey. If you have some medical issues, then obviously you can’t use this protein shake. In using protein shakes and other dietary supplements, your overall health condition must be learnt first prior to proceeding.

Bottom Line: Is IsagenixIsalean Pro the Real Deal?

The fact that there aren’t any customer reviews about IsagenixIsalean Pro isn’t very helpful. People need to read some real experiences from firsthand users in order to make a conscious decision on whether to purchase this protein shake or not. IsagenixIsalean Pro cannot also be considered as reasonably priced. Surely, there are similar products that are cheaper. But if you’re looking for an extra income while trying this protein shake out, then it’s worth considering.


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