Product Review of ViSalus Vi-Shape – Is this the Real Deal?

by Dennis K
woman tiptoed on weighing scale

General Idea

preview-full-Healthy-mens-weight-loss-diet-plan-that-really-workThis weight loss product is particularly designed to help people who want to lose weight. Essentially, shakes are typically created to deliver essential nutrients while limiting their calorie consumption. The idea is reducing the amount of calories to be consumed to shed some pounds.
Vi-Shape is offered as one of the products in the Body by Vi Challenge Kit. Its manufacturer asserts that this product not only has the essential nutrients for the body, but it also has a delicious taste. The formula of Vi-Shape has been created to help you achieve weight loss while ensuring that you stay healthy.
Furthermore, the company behind it highlights that Vi-Shape has a patented Tri-Sorb protein blend. This enables you it to only have minimal amount of calories. The price per serving of Vi-Shape shake is only $2 or less.

Manufacturing Information

Vi-Shape Shake was developed and produced by ViSalus. This company was established with the goal of helping people around the world find a solution to combat obesity. ViSalus thinks that weight issues are the greatest menace to people’s health. To help end this struggle, the manufacturer has devoted in creating a community of  who all have the will and the determination to combat obesity while also focusing on proper nutrition.
The company is dedicated in delivering genuine resolution to the increasing predicament that obesity has developed itself into, hoping that one day people are healthier. Through these communities, you also have the chance to meet others who have similar weight struggles.

What are the Ingredients in Vi-Shape Shake?

The five most crucial components in Vi-Shape Shake are as follows:
Proteins such as whey to repress appetite and soy to enhance muscle functions.
There’s 1 gram of sacralose for carbs. This is considered to be a great alternative to sugar and is deemed more harmless.
There’s 5 grams of fiber in order to make the digestion slower. There’s also 1 gram of fat, the minimum quantity the body actually requires.
There are many other components, which include vitamins and minerals. These vitamins are A, C, D, E and K. Meanwhile, the minerals are copper, chromium, manganese, zinc, magnesium and iodine.

Proper Use

The company suggests that you take Vi-Shape Shake everyday by consuming worth of 2 round scoops. This means you would to consume this weight loss shake 26 grams per day. The overall package should provide you around 30 servings. Thus far there’s no information or reports implying that taking this product is harmful. As long as you’re not allergic to proteins or milk, then you should be fine using Vi-Shape Shake.

What are the Benefits?

preview-full-weightloss-0XPoh0 measuring belly fat with caliperThe product contains minimal fat.
It has a delicious taste despite being low in sugar.
It provides only minimal quantity of calories, which helps the user lose weight.
It does not have any gluten or lactose.
Vi-Shape Shake has various flavors.

What are the Drawbacks?

The product site is lacking information and details about Vi-Shape.
This shake is more costly when measured up to other weight loss shakes.
It has synthetic sweetener.

Where to Purchase?

This weight loss shake can be acquired from the product site where it is offered as part of a package. There are various packages available with the cost varying depending on the package. Basically, you can expect to shell out $49.99 per package. ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake can also be bought from online resellers like

Are there Free Samples and Refunds?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any refunds upon buying this item.

Consumer Testimonials

On Amazon, the ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake is enjoying positive reviews. It has more than 850 feedbacks from customers and an overall rating of 4.3. Nearly 600 users gave the product 5 stars and only 56 consumers gave a 1-star rating. The probable cause for the few low rating is because ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake has an artificial sweetener that could take a toll on one’s health sometime in the future. Despite this, many people are still pleased with this product’s performance in terms of repressing their appetite.

How Harmless Is ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake?

Generally it is safe for human consumption. The only issue is its sacralose content. This is because there have been claims demonstrating that prolonged consumption of this ingredient may result to adverse reactions, such as negative reaction to medications, drop of the bacteria in the gut and creation of toxins. On the other hand, some experts refute these reports, saying there’s no adequate proof to back up these claims about the danger of sacralose. Still, it is better if you don’t stay oblivious about all potential risks.

Bottom Line

For one, it would seem that ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake is not something you’d try if you’re looking for a product with natural formulation, because it lacks natural sources. Nevertheless, many people are still satisfied with how this protein shake can actually suppress your appetite. It’s also delicious, which makes it easier to drink. As long as you use it with vigilance, ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake is still worth the shot.

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