Quick Recipes to Help You Get More Protein and Get Fit

by Dennis K
egg and vegetable sandwich whole wheat bread

You will think about certain recipes when you are trying to lose weight. You should do the same thing when you are trying to get fit. When you want to get fit, you need to get more protein. There are many quick recipes that allow you to get an essential amount of protein, build muscle and tone your body. If you are set to get your muscles worked properly, you may need to keep these recipes safe.

Eating Omelet Sandwiches

preview-full-recipe-image-legacy-id--1201467_11 berry smoothieBuilding muscle is more than just lifting some heavy weights. You should eat omelet sandwiches as well. These are a protein filled meal that will boost your energy and muscle growth. You should have two eggs, one tablespoon of skimmed milk, one teaspoon of basil and add a tap of salt into it too. You can add some turkey into the omelet as well.

Protein-Filled Pancake

To build muscle, you must make sure you are continuously getting enough protein. You can eat protein-filled pancakes at any meal or even for a snack as well. You will only need two eggwhites, one egg, two tablespoon yogurt fat-free, one tablespoon powder milk skimmed, one tablespoon crumbled type ricotta, one tablespoon raisins, one dash cinnamon and one teaspoon sweetener. These are quick and easy to make and great for building muscle too.

A Fitness Sandwich

You can make something called a fitness sandwich. These are simple to make and you can eat them at home, at work or on-the-go. You will only need two pieces of whole-wheat bread, half a can tuna, one tablespoon carrots grated, two pieces mozzarella and two pieces lettuce. Throw the bread in your toaster and add on the other ingredients when done.


Yes, you can still have cookies when you are building muscles and getting fit. They are tasty and help you grow muscles as well. You will need ten scoops whey protein (vanilla or chocolate), one and a third cups sugar-free natural peanut butter, two cups chopped walnuts or sliced almonds and six tablespoons honey organic. You will just mix up these ingredients and shape them into cookies. Toss them in the oven at 350 degrees and let them cook. With no refined carbs or gluten, you can get fit and keep going forward with your fitness routine.

Red Berry Smoothies

preview-full-dsc_0904 pancake with berriesSmoothies are great for many reasons. You can drink them to lose weight, improve your health and get fit. If you want a smoothie that will help you to get fit, you should drink red berry smoothies. You will need one serving whey protein (vanilla), three-hundred grams frozen fruit, one tablespoon honey, two tablespoons yogurt and ice cubes. Mix all this in a blender and you have a tasty, muscle building smoothie. It is best to drink these in the morning and right before your workouts.

Sugar-Free Cake

You can still eat cake when you want to get fit as well. You can make a sugar-free cake and enjoy it. You will need three eggs, one tablespoon honey, three-quarters cup of oil, four bananas, half a cup raisins, three cups oatmeal and one tablespoon yeast. Beat all the ingredients together and then add in yeast. Pour into a cake baking pan with a hole in the middle. Make sure to grease it and then put into oven for about twenty minutes at 320 degrees.

Spring Cake

Another cake you can make to get fit is spring cake.You will need two cups coconut milk, two eggs, three-quarter cups of oil, one and a half cups whole-wheat flour, add in some vegetables and one tablespoon yeast. Mix up your ingredients and then add the vegetables and mix some more. Add in the yeast last. Put the mixture into a greased and floured up pan. You will bake at twenty minutes for 320 degrees.

Now you know which quick recipes you will need to make to get more protein and get fit! Start making them today and add them into any diet you may have.

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