Quit Eating and Drinking These Things for Flatter Abs

by Dennis K
glass of iced soda

Do you want flatter abs? This is a question that many people think of and they want to know how it can be done. The truth is there are many exercises that can help you to achieve flatter and sexier abs. However, there is more to getting flatter abs than just how often and how intense you exercise. There are many foods and drinks that can prevent you from getting flatter abs. To get the six pack, you want be sure to quit eating and drinking the things mentioned here today.


Soda will make you look and feel bloated. If you drink soda or pop regularly then you are also going to gain weight in addition to looking bloated. There are a lot of calories in soda and these are stored in your body and sometimes difficult to get rid of. If you can quit drinking soda or pop, that would be a great first start to getting flatter abs. You may want to replace soda with water or even peppermint tea.


bottles and glasses of wine beer alcoholNot only is it very difficult to get flatter abs if you drink alcohol but there are many other health risks from consumption of alcohol as well. There are many calories in alcohol too and after drinking one, you are more likely to drink more and more. One night of alcohol means hundreds to thousands of calories. Stop drinking alcohol completely for flatter abs.

Carbohydrates (Refined)

sweets and pastries sugar carbsRefined carbohydrates like cereal, bagels, pasta and rice are loaded with carbs. If you find that you take in a lot of white flour based products, start getting those out of your diet. They cannot be easily digested which means your blood sugar and even insulin are raised. The higher these levels are, the more fat that is stored by the body. It is awfully difficult to get flatter abs when your body is storing fat. Whole wheat flour products are a much better option.

Dairy Products

There are many foods and drinks that contain dairy. If you want to get flatter abs, you should probably do your best to avoid these products. The reason many people gain weight from dairy products is because they have a dairy allergy or they may be lactose intolerant. If this is the case, you may find you bloat or have gas when eating or drinking dairy products.

These are some of the things that you should stop eating and drinking if you want to have flatter abs. In addition to eliminating these foods and drinks from your diet, you should also exercise and use Xtreme Testosterone supplements for the best results. Get the abs you want and get strength starting today with these excellent tips!


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