Reviewing the Safety and Effectiveness of Leptigen

by Dennis K
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Leptigen: General Idea

man stretching side lungeThis particular supplement claims to be a weight loss solution that’s harmless and effectual. This is said to be accomplished by making use of a trademarked mixture of components that underwent clinical studies. These ingredients are said to be effective in making your body release and torch stored fat. This leads to a boost of energy, as well as an increased metabolic rates and greater amount of calories torched. Not only will you have increased energy levels, you’ll also be provided with a sharper mental focus and clearness.

To achieve these possibilities, consume two capsules of Leptigen each day. Do this at least 30 minutes before eating. Its manufacturer asserts that the ingredients in the supplement will instantaneously commence functioning after taking it.

It also claims that even though there are lots of weight loss supplements out there that promise excellent outcome with little positive effects, Leptigen is different and is far from those products that have nothing to offer. This is because according to its company, this supplement’s components underwent substantial scientific studies proving their efficacy. But can we take the manufacturer’s word for it? Can we really invest on this hoping it works?

Consider the following:

The Components Involved

As posted on the official site, the components in the product’s formulation are as follows:

Green Tea Extract 200mg

Meratrim 400mg

Chromium 100mcg

Natural Caffeine USP 75mg

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these:


Leptigen is manufactured by InterHealth Nutraceuticals using the trademarked formula Meratrim. This blend is composed of two components: garcinia mangostana (also known as garcinia cambogia) and sphaeranthus indicus.

We’ve made several assessments of supplements that use garcinia cambogia and the fact that always pops up is its lack of clinical evidence.

It’s the same thing for sphaeranthus indicus – there’s no scientific support that this component promotes weight loss in humans. It is said that the ingredients in Leptigen underwent clinical studies, but it is unclear whether the results can be consistent when applied to people as the said research was performed on rats.

As for Meratrim, the product site links a 2013 research posted in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The study found that Meratrim can generate weight loss that can manifest in the decrease of body weight and reduction of waist and hip perimeter as well; as long as done alongside normal diet, which is 2,000 calories daily, and moderate daily fitness routine compared with diet and exercise solely.

To be more particular about this, the people who joined in the study and consumed Meratrim shed an average of 11 lbs, while those who only took placebo lost only 2 lbs.

Despite the potential of this research, it doesn’t seem that the company’s study has undergone peer review, nor has the outcome been validated by performing follow-up studies.


Another exclusive ingredient used is the ChromeMate. It is niacin-based chromium that is called chromium polynicotinate or chromium nicotinate. This is said to boost the efficiency of chromium, which is a crucial trace mineral that could promote the stability of blood sugar levels. Chromium is frequently utilized as a treatment to diabetes and to help someone in losing weight.

While there is clinical proof that chromium could promote weight loss, which the Leptigen site used as a reference, overall, it is still not enough proof that chromium is completely effectual in enhancing the possibility of weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

This is a typical component that can be found in many plant-based weight loss products. This is because green tea has high levels of Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This compound has been subjected to various studies. While green tea is popular and is considered effective in promoting weight loss, there’s really no scientific evidence that supports this claim.


Caffeine can always give you the instant mental and physical kick that you need in order to fully function, whether from coffee of energy drinks. But as something to help promote weight loss, can caffeine really help?

Supplement View says that though there’s proof that caffeine can aid in the shedding of pounds, it only works when combined with ephedra. Ephedra is now banned because it was associated with instances of heart attacks and strokes. Thus, it seems that between caffeine and ephedra, it was the latter that could significantly contribute to weight loss.

True enough, it you consume sufficient amounts of caffeine, you abruptly feels less hungry. If you keep this up, you may ultimately lose weight. However, ingesting too much caffeine can also bring unpleasant adverse reactions, such as jitters, sleep problems, digestive discomfort, and bad temper, among others.

Leptigen Price

This weight loss supplement can be acquired using the following selections:

1 Bottle: $109.95

2 Bottles: $199.90

3 Bottles: $269.85

While it is pricey, the product is offered along a 120-day money-back guarantee, less the shipping and handling fees. The manufacturer mentions that excessively used items cannot be returned, but they didn’t specify further. To start processing your refund, you have to contact them at 800-555-3951.

About the Company

The supplement was not under Better Business Bureau as of this writing. On the product site, other companies were not mentioned. It just says that they’re chiefly headquartered in Coral Cables, Florida.

However, we think that half of Leptigen’s components are exclusive creations from InterHealth Nutraceuticals, leading us to assume that the aforementioned company is Leptigen’s manufacturer.

What Users Have to Say?

We found limited feedbacks online. Most were from affiliate sites, which mean these reviews are not reliable. After filtering such comments through all affiliate websites, we only searched two genuine consumer reviews. In these reviews, the users criticized Leptigen for being ineffective and for having an inefficient customer service. Curiously, Leptigen contained different component content in these reviews where a trademarked mixture of Avesil and ashwagandha root was added. This is despite the fact that the feedbacks on that site were only there for a few weeks during the time we did our research.

Comparing Avesil and Leptigen, you’ll notice they’re nearly similar, except that Avesil’s manufacturer is based in Miami, Florida.

Can Leptigen Provide Weight Reduction?

preview-full-weightloss123 fit man running on treadmillThe only efficient and natural means to shed pounds is through proper nutrition and regular exercise.

But can supplements like Leptigen increase the weight loss results? Considering the components in the product, which we think are ineffectual, Leptigen’s chances of helping you lose weight are low. Even if it creates any results, it still won’t be enough to justify its expensiveness.

With this we are reminded that Leptigen is one of the most costly weight loss items we’ve evaluated thus far.

Final Verdict

It is fair to say that instead of using your hundreds of dollars to spend on Leptigen, it’s wiser to just spend it by seeing your doctor, or maybe hiring a personal trainer or a dietician.


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