Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of RSP Nutrition AgmaGen

by Dennis K
man with defined back and shoulder muscles

Introducing RSP Nutrition AgmaGen

If you’re into fitness, you have surely heard professionals saying how largely essential nitric oxide is when it comes to developing your muscles. Though before it was just a presumption, now it’s a fact – nitric oxide is vital in terms of muscle growth. You may be certain of how important NO levels are, but it’s still a challenge to choose what brand of product to purchase. Apparently, there are lots of nitric oxide boosters in the market it may be confusing for many consumers to decide which one to consider. As for RSP Nutrition AgmaGen,fit guy doing floor ab crunches its company touts that their product is the true answer to fitness courtesy of its main ingredient – the Agmatine Sulfate, which is loaded in the product AgmaGen.

This particular supplement contains 100 percent of pure AgmamaxAgmatine Sulfate, which claims to aid in the boosting of nitric oxide. This is said to be helpful when it comes to augmenting muscle pump and making the delivery of nutrients more efficient. Unlike other supplements that utilize L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to promote greater nutrient delivery, AgmaGen sticks to its primary component. Given this, does AgmaGen generate a significant outcome that’s distinctively remarkable than those effects produced by other products? This article will tackle everything about AgmaGen to help consumers come up with an informed decision.

Learning More about AgmaGen

AgmaGen’s main component, Agmatine Sulfate, is said to increase the production of nitric oxide. This is essential for muscle building since it aids in the dilation of the blood vessels, which increases the quality of blood flow through the arteries. When the blood flow is enhanced, greater amount of nutrients are enabled to pass through the arteries. Also, better blood flow means more nutrients are assimilated by multiple areas of the body, which includes your muscles. Agmatine originates from L-Arginine via decarboxylation. However, nutrition professionals don’t recommend using Agmatine simultaneously with other vasodilators, such as L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Yohimbe. So, you should keep this in mind.

Who are the Consumers of AgmaGen?

These kinds of products are typically used in order to obtain muscle pumps, or the feeling of your muscles becoming tighter, so that you appear to be more ripped after undergoing an intense workout session. This muscle pump is a result of a heightened blood flow to the muscles, so that they feel more constricted and fuller. Aside from that, nitric oxide enhancers are utilized for allowing the muscles to recuperate, as well as to help users increase their energy levels. This way, your workout performance is magnified and you get better results more quickly.

How Efficient Is AgmaGen?

We determined AgmaGen’s efficiency by comparing it to similar products deemed to be working as advertised.

buff guy working out with weight platesIn contrast with the best nitric oxide boosters out there, AgmaGen seems to be sensitive when it comes to combining it with other products. There may be possible interactions of ingredients that would prove to be unpleasant for the body. To be more specific, it is believed to neutralize the effects of D-Aspartic Acid, which is a testosterone enhancer. It is also considered to work against Creatine, which is a component known for its efficacy to increase energy levels, power, and stamina, so that you’re more able to undergo intense exercises.

Even though AgmaGen’s main ingredient Agmatine is unsuited with other products, it can provide other capacities and benefits that other products can’t, such as alleviating aches. Though taking Agmatine supplements can boost the discernment of pain, it also works in collaboration with painkillers such as fentanyl. Hence, the combination of Agmatine with opioids makes it likely to decrease painkiller dependence and tolerance, ane eventually, even reduce pain, too.

What’s the Conclusion?

The use of this particular nitric oxide-boosting product relies on what your requirements are as an athlete. You should note that taking AgmaGen means you need to forego Creatine and D-Aspartic Acid, which are two of the most components for someone whose goal is bodybuilding. On the other hand, consumption of this product can help you decrease muscle and neuropathic aches as a consequence of your workouts. Still, if you’re feeling constant pain as a result of your workouts, you should always tell your trainer about this, or a doctor to know what’s causing the pain. Feeling constant achiness is a strong indication that you’re doing something inappropriately, or that maybe, it’s not advisable for you to perform any kinds of workouts because your body cannot handle it.

Moreover, the greatest nitric oxide boosters can always be used simultaneously with other products with no issues. Otherwise, you’re stuck to a single product and you’re not allowed to explore other options.

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