Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of NeuroPlex Pro

by Dennis K
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NeuroPlex Pro Introduction

human brainNeuroPlex Pro is a nutritional supplement for the brain that is claimed to be 100% composed of natural and effective components. It is touted to be effectual for energizing the brain. Specifically, NeuroPlex Pro can boost short term memory, up your energy levels, essentially enhance long term memory, boost focus and even heighten your confidence, as claimed by its manufacturer.

To obtain these benefits, NeuroPlex Pro is said to restock all the essential nutrients your brain requires of you in order to increase brain capacities to its maximum. By taking NeuroPlex Pro, it is promised that you will see remarkable results within just the initial week without any adverse reactions.

Proper usage is quite simple – just take 1 capsule of NeuroPlex Pro each morning. Follow this and you will feel the positive effects no matter how old you are.

Seems simple, but can it really deliver the promised results? Can NeuroPlex Pro actually help to significantly boost your mental health and performance?

Before we answer this, let’s discuss the multiple forms of mental deterioration.

The Period We Encounter Mental Decline

There are two main types of mental decline.

First is the mild cognitive impairment (MCI). It is defined as “an intermediate stage between the expected cognitive decline of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia.” This normally starts in the 50s and 60s, but 10-20% of those who are 65 and above could also have MCI. This condition is distinguished by habitually failing to remember substantial information, like appointments or latest events.

Fortunately, MCI does not really make a huge impact in your daily life, but family members and friends can notice that you’re starting to have memory issues.

But, MCI can also serve as a precursor to more severe mental states, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. These are the more serious conditions that can substantially affect one’s daily life. With this, Alzheimer’s could start mildly, but as it progresses it makes one loses capacity to react to environment, eventually causing death.

NeuroPlex Pro is developed to treat MCI and maybe even the onset of dementia-related cases. The question is – are the components efficient enough to make this happen?

Are the Components Effective?

Unfortunately, there is no product label present on NeuroPlex Pro’s official site. There’s not even a comprehensive list of components. This is inconvenient for customers who, naturally, want to know what a supplement contains before giving it a try.
At the bottom part of the website, there’s a 2010 research demonstrating the potential effectiveness of American ginseng in essentially boosting working memory. But it is not clarified if this is included in NeuroPlex Pro’s formula or what dose does it exactly have.

Moreover, American ginseng is only indicated as potentially efficient for curing diabetes and respiratory tract infections. Meanwhile, Panax (Asian) ginseng is the only form that could be useful in addressing Alzheimer’s and boosting brain capacities.

Besides NeuroPlex Pro and other similar supplements, what other techniques can be done to deal with MCI or the onset of Alzheimer’s?

Effectual Techniques for Dealing with Mental Decline

Even as there is some research demonstrating that regular intake of vitamins can lessen the possibility of brain reduction, there aren’t any medically-sanctioned solutions for MCI.

On the other hand, dementia can be avoided by living a healthy life, such as exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and by giving up cigarettes. Sustaining healthy blood pressure, dealing with stress and controlling weight are also important factors that one needs to incorporate into his/her life.

Who’s the Company behind NeuroPlex Pro?

human brain projectionThe supplement is created by AVGW Avant Garde Wellness Ltd that is mainly headquartered in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. It has other nutritional products, such as FolliPlex and KetoPlex.

But when we checked, the said manufacturer is not with Better Business Bureau as of this writing. As a matter of fact, it does not even have a primary official site.

As you may have noticed, several nootropics have penetrated the market in the last years, which includes the more well-known brands Neuroflexyn and Evo Brain Pill to name a few.

Generally, these brain supplements garnered an average rate of 2 stars, based on the customer reviews here. The frequent criticisms referenced are ineffectiveness of such products, steep costs, and inefficient customer support, like how troublesome it is to get refunds. However, these are just the general reception for brain supplements, so it doesn’t denote that you’ll encounter the same with NeuroPlex Pro.

NeuroPlex Pro Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

1 Bottle (60 capsules): $79.99
3 Bottles: $140.97
5 Bottles: $194.95

Regardless of which selection you buy, free shipping is provided.

NeuroPlex Pro also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with less shipping and handling fees. It is important to note that if you acquire the 3-bottle and 5-bottle selections, the refund only applies to one opened bottle. The remaining bottles need to be unopened and still sealed.

To ask for a refund, you have to call the company’s customer support at +44 203 322 1351. No international fees apply.

Can NeuroPlex Pro Help Improve Memory?

It is hard to say since we only know of one component in its formulation. The availability of the components’ list is crucial in order to know whether or not you can reasonably anticipate it to generate health benefits. Although there is clinical study indicating that American ginseng can be good for the brain like its Asian equivalent, this study is weak and lacking.

Also, NeuroPlex Pro is quite expensive compared to other similar supplements. More importantly, there are some factors in NeuroPlex Pro and its manufacturer that causes concern, such as the absence of a product label and the fact that the supplement’s company does not have its own website. It’s best to consult your doctor if you’re having problems with your memory.

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