Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of New Vitality

by Dennis K
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Getting to Know New Vitality

This dietary supplement is produced by a manufacturer that is mainly headquartered in Farmingdale, New York. This company asserts to deliver some of the greatest and comprehensively studied supplements in the market. It further purports that it was built by a team of greatly experienced nutrition and fitness professionals and that their business runs on the principle of helping people look younger and live longer.

Cropped midsection of a tanned caucasian couple holding each other with the ocean in backgroundIt is listed under Better Business Bureau with an A- rating. The company also says it strives to deliver an efficient and approachable customer service to help everyone’s issues and concerns. However, New Vitality seems to garner mostly negative online reviews from customers, mostly citing their unsatisfactory customer service. This is because many users wanted to discontinue their enrolment of the autoship program and they find the whole process challenging and inconvenient. Even after several and follow-ups, such requests always fail to push through. As for the products themselves, the manufacturer often receive criticisms about their inefficiency in contrast to how they’re promoted and the products’ expensiveness.

What are the Products?

New Vitality creates an assortment of health products from men’s health, women’s health, skin care, nutrition, and many others. Some of their well-known items are Ageless Male, FemiPro and Provanta Plus.

All the products made by New Vitality are said to GMP-approved as they go through strict, high-quality control examinations to ascertain that the potency, purity and the quality are sustained. Despite this, the company was subjected to a class action lawsuit where New Vitality was allegedly using unethical marketing strategies and sales practices. This is in contrast to their assertions of sticking to the greatest level of ethics and quality of premier stance.

Product Cost, Money-Back Guarantee & Shipping

Of course the cost of the product depends on its kind since New Vitality sells a lot. The cost of these products ranges from $30-$50 for one bottle. For one bottle, the shipping can charge you $6.99 while it costs $8.99 for shipping of two or more bottles. You can also see their clearance section because they may have discounts on selected items.

Nearly all of New Vitality’s supplements provide at least two cost selections, which we think are a bit puzzling. For instance is the Ageless Male:

1 Bottle Super Saver: $29.95

1 Bottle: $39.95

The question here is what the difference between the Super Saver Bottle and the regular bottle is? The regular bottle doesn’t offer an enrolment in the company’s autoship plan, but the Super Saver selection does. We don’t get a clear picture of the difference between these selections and no further details were provided, hence unclear.

Speaking of autoship plans, this is a purchasing arrangement that many manufacturers of supplements impose nowadays. It’s said to provide convenience to customers, but considering the negative feedbacks with regards this purchasing option, it appears the purpose of convenience is not achieved. With an autoship program, your supply of the product is automatically replenished each month, thus your credit card is also automatically charged with every refilling of your product. The manufacturer however says that this enrolment can be changed or discontinued if the customers choose to. But, this seems to be in contrast with the customer grievances on the company’s Better Business Bureau page. There, a lot of complaints from users were recorded saying that the customer service was disinclined to discontinue the customers’ enrollment to the program, making them pay for products they actually want to stop getting. The users faced so much trouble that they were compelled to just have their credit cards cancelled just to halt New Vitality from charging them of products they don’t want to receive anymore.

To avoid this, you can try the product using the Super Saver option, as long as you discontinue or cut your enrolment right away. To spare yourself from additional expenses, you can avail of the free shipping for purchases that cost $99 and above.

The products under New Vitality come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less S&H. To request for a refund, call the customer service at 800-943-6465. You can also send an email to [email protected] to initiate your request.

Final Verdict: Is New Vitality Genuine?

While New Vitality as a company is legit that asserts to be devoted in producing supplements of premier quality that can help people in their quest for health and wellness, there are some things you should know and consider about the company and its products.

For one, there are the usual grievances from many consumers saying that the company seems to be disinclined to release them from their enrolment to their autoship plans, regardless of their repetitive requests, which is highly inconvenient amongst consumers. What’s more is that we learned that many customers badly want to get out of it that they just opted to cancel their credit cards. This is so they can put an end to the monthly automatic charges that New Vitality imposes to customers due to the autoship plan.

preview-full-Building-Chest-MusclesThis is not the first time that customers find it difficult to cancel their autoship enrolments as this happens with other companies, as well. But it just appears that the issues customers have with New Vitality’s customer service are more severe. Even with other issues and concerns that require their attention and rectification, the customer service of the company appears to be overall incompetent that this has affected the general image of the company itself and the products it sells. We even discovered that New Vitality was subjected to a class action lawsuit back in April 2013. The lawsuit cited unethical marketing actions and practices enacted by the company, though we weren’t able to learn what happened to this specific case. This, of course is, another red flag among prospective buyers. A manufacturer’s flawless reputation in its products and the way it deals with customers is important as it gives you the sense of security that you’re in good hands and the products you’re using are good for you.

Next is that we have issues with regards the legitimacy of the consumer feedbacks on the official site. This is mainly due to our observation that the greater part of the online testimonials we came across with were excellent and the ratings were quite high. Given this, we’re presuming that they’re only showing the positive comments on the website and they’re trying to hide the negative ones.

Also, all products of this company haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, so there’s question in its safety and efficacy. On the other hand, most dietary supplements are not really assessed by the FDA.

Lastly, just like with other manufacturers, the 30-day money-back guarantee in New Vitality is excluding of the shipping and handling fees. Thus, you’ll cover the costs incurred when you return the product to the manufacturer. To give you a clearer picture, if you choose to return a product that’s $30 worth, you need to pay around $15 on S&H fees alone.


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