Run Your Doctor’s Appointments

by Dennis K

Who should be running your doctor’s appointments? You may think it should be your doctor. However, if you don’t let your doctor know what is going on, things could go seriously wrong. Yes, the doctor is the one with a medical degree but that does not mean they should run your appointments. You must take charge and keep them in the loop about any symptoms you are having. To have better help, you need to let your doctor know what you need and what your concerns are always. So, how can you run your doctor’s appointments from this point forward?

Revealing Your Own Baggage

At your doctor’s appointments, especially your first one with a new doctor, you should be revealing your own baggage. Make sure you always bring along any medication bottles that you have. This is extremely important to make sure there are no cross medications that would be dangerous to your health. Let your doctor know about any past medical history you have, even if it is embarrassing. Don’t hide anything from your doctor.

doctor's appointment on calendarPreparing for Your Appointments

Whenever you have a doctor appointment scheduled, you should prepare for your appointments. You should write down any questions you have. Make sure you show them to the nurse as well as the doctor. Don’t let your doctor dismiss your questions. Even if you must make another doctor appointment, don’t let anything get dismissed.

Make the Whole Appointment

If you are late to the appointment, you can’t expect the doctor to have time for all your questions. To take control you need to be sure you are being respectful and giving the doctor all the time possible to discuss your issues and concerns.

doctor giving patient diagnosis after consultationPay Attention to Follow-Up Reports

If you have any testing that has been done, be sure you pay attention to follow-up reports. Read them fully and carefully. Be sure you have them if you go to another doctor. Also, be sure you read doctor’s instructions or any follow-up care you should be going through with too. If you don’t follow all instructions given by the doctor, when they give them to you, they are not going to trust in your concerns or issues.

These are some of the many ways you can run your doctor’s appointments. You have the option to take control of your medical history and your current medical condition as well. Don’t let mistakes be made and don’t let things get dismissed. While most doctors are very great at what they do, they are also very busy and sometimes things slip through the cracks. It is up to you to take control of your health and learn how to run you own doctor’s appointments.

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