Settling in Life Men Over 25

by Danny Fernsby

The working man is responsible for a lot. As it seems, men at 25 and up have this sudden call to action to get everything in their life together. Managing or growing a family, stability, financial freedom, and weight loss is all on their list of concerns. Basic aspects of maturing, ironically as men come across the age at which they want to get their life together, their body slows down. At the age of just 25, a man’s metabolism starts to decline. As much as 2-4% a year, according to celebrity trainer and fitness expert Obi Obadike. When a man’s metabolism slows it doesn’t mean that at 25 you’re going to be covered and wrinkles and never be able to maintain your health. Just means that you will have to work twice as hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness especially. Even if you’re a CEO in a fortune 500 company or a butcher at the local supermarket. Once over 25, a precise fitness routine will put you in the right direction. Not everyone can do a set of 40 their first time on a workout bench or set of 20 on their pull up bar. Sometimes just getting outside and walking or taking the stairs to your car instead of the same effect in raising your fitness level.

Practice makes perfect. If you’re an overweight male looking to increase your level of fitness and want to know an easy way to get started, try these 9 steps in the right direction.

Set Small Goals

Beginning a lifestyle better for your health is not easy, starting with small goals that will help you in the end to your major goal will keep you constantly motivated to do more. Showing progress is also a benefit of setting goals. For example, starting to walk every Friday…the first week you couldn’t even make it down the street, next week you’re going down the block, the third week you hit 2 miles. Progressing is motivating.

Repetition and Variety

Repetition will eventually get boring. Try walking in different places, go on hikes will friends. Becoming physically active does not have to be boring and deadly. It can be fun and exciting.

Don’t Strain Yourself

Working out too much can be dangerous. Leading to muscle strains, muscle spasms and, cramps, as well as passing out due to exhaustion.

Get Enough Sleep

Settling in Life Men Over 25The decline of health in males 25 and over is at an all-time high for reasons like not getting enough sleep. If you don’t give your body time to rest than you can’t expect it to do all of its daily functions. As well as being drowsy throughout the day, when you are tired you are more likely to not stick to the goals that leave you having a more fit and healthy life.

Stay Away From Drugs & Stimulants

Men over 25 are more likely to be subjected to drugs and drug abuse. To maintain the lifestyle they lived up until now. Especially athletes, taking drugs after injuries and to main the stamina at which they perform. Stimulants are just as harmful and men who avoid this life-changing issue are known to live healthier lives. Also, the fewer drugs in your system…motivate for your body to strengthen itself not rely on a drug or medicine.

Don’t Stress

Life is a lot to handle.  Men 25 and over stress about everything from kids, family members, bills, and job status to football games and that long traffic light on their way to work.

Eating right

Men 25 and Over are already suffering from a slowed metabolism, eating greasy foods all the time and never drinking water will make exercising and even day to day things like walking up the steps more and more difficult.

Have fun

The thing about becoming more fit is that it is not the end of the world. Mix it up. Play tag with your kids or introduce them to “Just Dance” or any other video game that gets you up and moving while still having fun instead of sitting down. Being able to try different things with yourself and the ones around you will leave you excited for more times that benefit all of you and the health of all of you.

Settling in Life Men Over 25Being fit is never about who’s the “strong man” in the situation. Or the most “buff” in the gym. Being fit is about the ability to increase your stamina to a normal and even sometimes above average rate. Through practice, training, and dedication, men over 25 can have the same physical ability that they did when they were 18. Never giving up and always persevering will help you get the goal of a more “fit” life for you. Some days you won’t always feel like taking the steps, going for a run, lifting weights during a commercial, or deciding to walk to the corner store instead of driving. It takes dedication. Dedication to not only a better looking you but a better feeling you. Here are 5 ways to stay motivated doing your get fit movement.

Develop your own personal affirmation.

Affirmations are good to stay motivated, and remind yourself of your own self-worth. Men over 25 are more likely to have insecurities. Everyone does but when you’re young you don’t really pay them as much attention. Assure to yourself that you are both worthy and able to do anything you wish to achieve. Everyone needs a little self-praise.

Diets never work.

Eating healthier will give you the energy and strength to work out. Not saying don’t ever reward yourself to ice cream, or a burger from your favorite childhood restaurant. Limit yourself and stick to your limitations.

Stay positive.

Everything that someone else does might not work for you, develop and find a fitness plan and lifestyle and corresponds to your body’s limitations, and your life schedule.

Eat in more than you eat out.

Something about preparing your own satisfying meal and snacks that leave you feeling more powerful. If your favorite restaurant makes a special dish that you can’t live without, try to put your own special twist on it at home and see if it is just as good.

Get out of the same old environment.

Staying at the same places and doing the same things can be depressing. Switch it up and try new and different things that make you happy. Being fit is not just about working out but feeling good about yourself and your current state to even want to improve on the little things.

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