She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not

by Danny Fernsby

        If any of you guys have ever seen the movie The Little Mermaid, then you know exactly what the title is suggesting: Does she like you or does she not like you? You know, in reference to when Ariel was plucking the petals off that flower, wondering if Prince Eric truly liked her.

        Well, that’s what this here article is going to be about, yet with a little more detail.

        I bet you’re already thinking about whether a specific woman likes you or not, just by reading the title and the first few sentences I’ve laid out for you. Allow me to lay the rest of the facts out.

        Generally, a man makes the first “move” in dating a woman. Whether it be initiating conversation, asking her out on a date, or simply saying hello, men tend to be the first of the two to say/do something. However, women are the first of the two to physically allow initiation of contact. And, what I mean by that is women are the ones that give permission for men to touch them, kiss them, ask them on another date, etc.

How do they do this, though? Oh, boys, they do this in numerous ways.

She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not        Do you remember ever searching the Web for clues or hints as to why a girl would or would not like you? And, when you pressed that little search button, do you remember seeing several bulleted lists of different body language signals a woman is likely to give you if she’s interested in you? I know, you’ve probably pushed those aside time and time again. I’m here to demand you don’t do that; Instead, pay close attention to those lists that are out there for your reference.

For example, check this list out below:

  • ♦ If she smiles at you constantly, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she glances at you very quickly, and very often, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she quickly looks away when she catches you looking at her, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she keeps eye contact with you, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she runs her fingers through her hair, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she licks her lips often, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she often exposes her neck to you, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she tilts her head towards you, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she turns inwards towards you when she’s sitting near you, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she lightly touches you on your arm or shoulder, she’s interested
  • ♦ If she laughs a lot when you talk (not that obnoxious laugh), she’s interested
  • ♦ If she caresses an object with her hands in front of you, she’s interested

        Keep in mind, women don’t have to do all of, or even several of these, for them to like you. They may very well only have one or two signature moves, every woman is different. However, you should note that if a woman does these things more frequently around you, she’s probably very interested in pursuing something with you.

        Of the list of actions women do to make it known they like you, the most common three are repeated eye contact, repeated glances away or towards you, and constant smiling.

        Another thing to note is that just because a woman displays one or more of these towards you, doesn’t mean that she’s totally into you. Try and be 100% sure on the social cue she’s giving you. For example, if a woman smiles at you, this doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. Wait it out and see if she gives you any more cues over time so that way you don’t look like a creep coming onto her so suddenly.

On the other hand, there are indications that a woman is not interested in you, too. Let’s check those out, with a little description.

        If you approach a woman and try to start minimal small talk, you know, by asking her how her day was or what her plans are for the night, she may or may not be interested. If she happens to try her hardest to flee away from eye contact while you’re trying to engage in simple small talk, she’s totally not interested in you, man.

In addition to this, if you’re trying to have small talk with her, and she does any of the following, she’s not interested in you:

  • ♦ If she turns away from you mid-conversation, she’s not interested
  • ♦ If she rolls her eyes to your face, she’s not interested
  • ♦ If she yawns, she’s not interested, and she’s probably super tired
  • ♦ If she starts talking to someone else, she’s not interested

        In all of these instances, please don’t assume she’s trying to play hard to get, because most likely, she’s just down-right not interested. And please, don’t try to talk yourself up or nag her to give you a chance because you’re such a great guy, you’ll only come off as creepy and weird to her.

One last piece of information I’d like to leave you guys with is this:

She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not        Asking a woman out on a date is nerve-racking, especially if you are unsure if she’s interested in you. In this case, ask her to do something small with you, like a coffee date. If she says yes, she’s interested in you. If she says no and makes up an excuse, she’s not interested in you. However, if she says no to your offer, yet she counteroffer’s you and gives you a different date and time, she may still be interested in you. Don’t expect her to drop all of her plans to be with you on that specific date and time you originally suggested; If she comes back with a different option, chances are she’d still like to go out with you.


By Jenny Lyn

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