Spring Clean your Rusty Fitness Routine

by Danny Fernsby
fit woman doing push up on tires

Spring cleaning your fitness routine is an excellent plan any time of the year. Anything repetitive gets boring after a while. There are a number of advantages of changing it up from time to time. It is important not to allow your workout or diet to become stale. You should evaluate both at least a few times a year to keep your routine fresh. Change at least one thing to make it better.

Seasonal Reasons

Sometimes changing one thing about your routine is enough to inspire. Spring is a great time to consider incorporating some of the elements into it. Go to the park to walk, run, or hike instead of treading along at the gym.

Switching it up a bit can also provide that push to get your muscles and weight management through stagnating plateaus. It is important to continue to challenge all your muscle groups in new ways.

Summer, fall, and winter can also be great times of the year to freshen up your fitness regimen. You can choose any day to mark on your calendar, but the changing seasons provide a few advantages. It allows you to use your environment to spice it up. Each season brings a different set of fresh ingredients from the store or garden. Last but not least the earth will remind you like clockwork.

If you are bored, you’re not giving your all. Your mental health and determination are keys to your progress. You need to be on fire and maintain your drive to meet the goals that you place on yourself. New scenery and new challenges can restart your metabolism. Check out the options to give your routine a makeover below.

Get Wrecked

fit woman doing squats with kettle bell in gymRecreational or intramural sports are fun, provide exercise, and are often inexpensive or free. It gives you some headspace while you get fit. It can also be a great way to make new friends and network. Some are traditional examples include baseball and football. Others might include dancing or gymnastics. Embracing new challenges is a good way to mix it up.

Reset Time

You can change session length to freshen the challenge. Do long sets one week and short the next. Just make sure you stay consistent from week to week. Change up the days you take off each week, but not the number. Consider working out in the morning instead of at night. It’s a good idea to make a note at the beginning to keep track of the changes and your progress.

Fresh Aerobics

Warm months are great for outdoor routines. Perform your high-intensity sessions at the park or beach. Go rock climbing or day hiking. Take advantage of the fresh air and your local scenery. This is great for you mentally and physically. As long as the pollen count is down, your lungs will thank you too.

Get Competitive for Charity

Warmer months bring charity events to the neighborhood. You can find itineraries and rules online for your favorite charity. You can also ask around at work. Corporations often hold these types of events and you never know who you might meet. Get racing and get inspired. You’ll be helping your community while getting your fitness grove on.

Get a Professional Makeover

A good way to change up your routine is with a professional trainer. Hire a one to help you assess your goals and progress. They can generally help you evaluate your diet as well. A professional trainer might be the one to help you out of your rut. Your local gym staff may be a good place to ask for reliable referrals.

Adjust your Equipment

Adding new activities doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out. Maybe there’s a course on your favorite cardio machine you’ve been meaning to try. Ask your gym trainer about the ones you’ve never used. If you’re a home trainer, consider purchasing a new piece of exercise equipment.

Get Classy

group gym class, lying on fitness matCheck to see, if your gym offers classes. You should be able to get a new schedule at the first of each season. You can usually check your fitness center’s website for information. You might also check with your community center. Many of the classes offered there are cheap or free.

If you’re not into Pilates or Yoga, consider martial arts. You can learn discipline, defense, and cut in those abs you’ve been working on all winter. Most forms of martial are considered full body workouts and often prescribed for as a mental pick-me-up. Many countries offer martial arts, Tai Chi, and Yoga sessions as part of work fitness initiatives.

Switch for Strength

Fitness freaks usually fall into two categories. One spends hours dedicated to cardio machines and the other to intense weightlifting. Try the opposite of what you normally go to.

The two methods actually work in cycles to promote each other. You could add some ankle weights to your current cardio routine as a compromise. Maybe you could throw in a few rounds of HIIT for good measure.

Consider designing a more effective warm-up routine. You might try including dynamic stretching for your pre-workout. You could also start a cool down session. Both warming up and cool down recoveries are vital to your fitness results.

Use the Buddy System

Another way to freshen up your routine is to grab a workout buddy. Set up a schedule to meet in your garage gym or fitness center. Maybe your partner or roommate needs some inspiration. Motivating someone else can light your fire too.

Seasonal Inspiration

If you shop your local farmer’s market, you know that available ingredients are dependent on the seasons. Go check it out and come up with fresh ways to boost your nutrition. Your body can metabolize vitamins and minerals from fresh ingredients much easier than processed. You can choose the ones that meet your dietary goals and personal palate.


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