Stress: A Health Problem for Many Men

by Dennis K

There are many men who experience high levels of stress. You may not have experienced all the side effects of living a stressful life yet but they will be coming. Maybe if you are more familiar with the side effects that could occur when you live a stressful life, you may be more apt to reduce your levels of stress.

#1 Headaches

stressed man in office having headacheFor many men who experience stress, they find that they have at least twice as many headaches each month. These headaches can interfere with many other areas of life too.

#2 Losing Hair

Most men with stress will experience much more hair loss and thinning of the hair than those who do not have stress. Some men even go bald because of stress.

#3 Memory Issues

Glutamate receptors in the brain have been shown to be damaged when someone experiences higher levels of stress. This can lead to impaired memory and lower brain functioning as well.

#4 Insomnia

For most men who work too much and have higher stress levels, they also have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep. They may even have a diagnosis of insomnia.

#5 Acne

Acne is a leading side effect of stress as well. No matter what reason you are stressed, acne is bound to occur in some severity.

#6 Food Cravings

620x400xbigstock-frustration-man-tearing-hair-91861343-jpg-pagespeed-ic-uvv_hddgjdFood cravings are unhealthy in every way possible. There are many reasons you might be having food cravings and stress is one of the leading causes for them.

#7 Heart Attacks

Of all the side effects that happen due to stress, heart attacks are one of the worst. Those who are in high-stress jobs are 25% more likely to develop a heart attack than if they weren’t working in that job position.

#8 Fat

If you have higher stress levels, you might find that you gain weight. This is very common for many reasons. You might have food cravings you give in to. Your body is also producing certain stress chemicals that cause you to gain weight too.

#9 Pain

Many men who experience higher levels of stress experience pain. They may have back pain, hip pain, neck pain, headaches and more. If you are experiencing any type of pain because of stress, it is time to do something to reduce your stress.

#10 Sex Life

Your sex life can be negatively affected because of higher levels of stress. You may have premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or other sex life issues. You may lack sex drive, libido and more.
You now know more about how stress can be a major health problem for you. If you have high levels of stress in your life, do what you can to reduce or get rid of that stress as soon as you possibly can.

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