Surprising Dangers of Consuming Soy Products

by Dennis K
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Do you consume soy? Well, if you are like so many other men, you do this often. There are many foods that contain soy not to mention just using soy sauce. It is quite unfortunate that soy is even allowed to be produced. Basically, when it comes down to it, this is a legal way to get food poisoned. There are so many surprising dangers of consuming soy products that you need to know about right now. Now only do these products have toxins in them but they expose you to so many heath issues. They damage your body in many ways as well. Find out these dangers so you can start eliminating these soy products from your diet today!


soy_miniThe isoflavones are derived compounds from plants that actually cause issues with your hormone functioning and hormone levels. Basically, they have mild type phytoestrogen activities that push along hormone supported cancers. Many people who take in a lot of isoflavones will get breast or prostate cancer. It should also be known that the isoflavones have caused bone metastasis. It has also causes lung, kidney, heart and liver metastasis as well.

Tumor Growth

For those who already have a tumor, soy products have been shown to increase the growth of those tumors. The daidzein in soy products causes growth of tumors by around 40%. This is a surprising and unfortunate number. The daidzein has also dangerously increased heart metastases and lung tumor growth as well.


Aluminum is another ingredient that is involved in the processing of soy products. Many of the beans that are washed for the making of soy products are washed in tanks made from aluminum. This leads to aluminum toxins leaking into the final making of the soy products. When someone is exposed to too much aluminum that can lead to anemia, autism and even Alzheimer’s disease as well.


Another thing to be mentioned regarding soy products are the goitrogens. These are going to cause issues with how your body will be metabolizing the iodine. It starts to disrupt the capability of your body to create thyroid hormones. This can lead to thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism.

Phytic Acid

Phytic acid is another thing that is involved in soy products. It is a phytate that causes issues with the body’s ability to take in minerals such as magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and iron. When soy is fermented, it does reduce the amount of phytic acid in it but that isn’t enough to fully take the dangers away from your body.

Trypsin Inhibitors

The trypsin inhibitors are another major issue with soy products. These are enzymes that make it very difficult for your body to digest any types of proteins. The things is that soybeans are proteins but the trypsin inhibitors block soybeans from acting as proteins in the body.

soy beans and soy milkVitamin D Levels

Many people have very low Vitamin D levels. When those people with a Vitamin D deficiency, eat soy products, their levels of Vitamin D actually go down even further.


Hemagglutinin will actually promote clots in the body. Red blood cells clump together which makes it much more difficult for the body to send oxygen to the muscle tissues and other tissues in the body.

These are some of the surprising dangers of consuming soy products! What are you going to choose from now on?

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