What Does Testosterone Have to do with Weight Loss?

by Dennis K

Men think about their testosterone levels and think it only has to do with sex. However, your testosterone levels are important if you want to build muscle or lose fat as well. It is an important thing to note that testosterone affects you in many ways. If you are obese or have a diagnosis of diabetes, this would mean you have low testosterone. You can easily increase your testosterone levels by taking Xtreme Testosterone supplements. There are other things you should know about testosterone and weight loss as well.

Hot-Muscle-Body-730x450Healthy Men and Testosterone

If you are overall a healthy man, your testosterone is going to help you lose weight and fat. Your testosterone will also help you in managing insulin levels, having better metabolic health, building muscle and giving you a host of other important health benefits too. Now that you know how important it is to have great testosterone levels, it is time that you see just how low testosterone would affect you.

Low Testosterone Levels

The first thing to note is that low testosterone levels do factor into obesity. This will then lead to other issues. Being obese will impair testosterone production and keep your testosterone levels down which causes your body to store additional fat. Low testosterone also causes a resistance to insulin which causes any carb intake you have to turn into fat. You can raise your testosterone levels by losing weight but you have to stop the harmful cycle of low testosterone first.

Dieting and Testosterone

You are trying to lose weight and you think the best way to get out of the cycle of obesity and other health issues related to low testosterone is to go on a diet. However, the majority of diets will bring down your testosterone levels. While you can’t completely avoid this problem if you are trying to lose weight, you can modify the issue.

Restriction of Fat Lowering Testosterone

The majority of diets will have you eating many foods that are low in fat which means no butter for you. Studies have shown that diets filled with high  fiber and low fat kill testosterone levels. What should you do with this? You can modify it. Don’t choose low-fat diets. This doesn’t mean you should go all out with the butter. It means you should choose healthy fats.

testosterone-therapy-weight-loss-waistLosing Weight Lowering Testosterone Levels

Losing energy will reduce your testosterone levels. This is because some muscle mass is taken away along with the fat. Your muscles store energy. There is absolutely no way that you can lose just fat and no muscle mass. If you are going to lose weight, your testosterone is going to drop some. However, you don’t have to make things worse than they need to be. You can keep lean mass when you lose weight. The best way to do that is through resistance training to keep up your muscle mass and strength. Just make sure you aren’t doing too much of this or you will cause stress on your body which also drops testosterone levels. You should also get more protein but not too much.

High Stress Lowering Testosterone

As mentioned above, when your body is under too much stress, your body will have lower testosterone levels. Stress is linked with cortisol levels. If your cortisol levels are constantly high, this is an issue. Many people who diet will have high levels of cortisol which lowers their levels of testosterone. The best solution for this is to keep your stress down. It may sound easy but doing it might be harder. If you find that a diet is too much work and stressing you out, find a different one. If you aren’t getting enough sleep each night, find a solution. If you are working out too much and it is leading to high levels of stress, find a different work out plan. There is a solution to everything, you just have to find it.

Your testosterone levels do have to do with weight loss and not just sex. Now that you know this, you can make sure you increase your testosterone in the best ways possible.

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