The Pros and Cons of CrossFit

by Danny Fernsby

Do you ever feel as if your workouts lack motivation, intensity, or proper technique? If so then CrossFit might be right for you. But what exactly is CrossFit? CrossFit is a strength enhancing and shaping program which provides various aerobic, body weight, and weight lifting exercises. However, CrossFit intensifies the experience of working out by providing four segments for the participants. An hour-long class usually includes a warm-up, some technique development, a high-intensity workout, and some stretching. Through the four parts, a participant will receive a healthy outlook, toned muscles, and a through exercises regiment. So why isn’t everyone signing up? Here are the pros and cons of joining CrossFit:


CrossFit is a community  

The first thing you should know about CrossFit is that it’s unlike any gym you’ve been to or signed up for. CrossFit is a community. Not in the way of a corkboard in the corner collecting old contest and church fliers. But a community that puts together events and cheers on others at the gym. At CrossFit, you get to know one another and maybe even become friends. Being a part of CrossFit is an experience that you’ll never regret.

Good coaches  

The Pros and Cons of CrossFitAt any local gym, you might be wondering if you’re doing a particular exercise in the right form. Well, you don’t have to worry about CrossFit. At CrossFit, some experienced coaches can direct you through each step of an exercise. In fact, they not only show you how to do exercises correctly, but they push you to complete them too. Do you sometimes feel like your not giving your workout you’re all? No need to worry anymore, the coaches at CrossFit have your back. They will help you along the way by providing you with words of encouragement.

Keeping track  

Due to the fact that you can note how much you’re lifting as well as recognize the number of daily reps and sets you perform you’ll see continental advances made in your fitness. Keeping track of your advances will show how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go to achieve your end goal. While everyone’s end goal is different, it’s a good idea to note your progress.

Sense of competition

While for some people competition can be unhealthy but in the right doses, it can be quite encouraging. The fact that people cheer for you and want you to win can spike anyone’s adrenaline and enhance your performance. At CrossFit people want to win to prove that they have mastered their skill. It’s not all about the loser or the winner but instead the performance that matter most.

Ideal for former athletes

Athletes that have played a competitive sport in high school or college are ideal candidates for CrossFit. Due to their competitive nature and need for high-intensity workouts, former athletes are perfect for CrossFit, if you have played a competitive sport in high school or college and are looking for a fitness resource than look no further than CrossFit.


Not ideal for a particular skill

At CrossFit, the coaches will help you improve on your skills at the gym. However, if you want to improve on a different level of fitness, the coaches may not be able to provide that, particularly for former athletes if you’re going to get back to training you may want to find a trainer who will help. Therefore, you can ask coaches about the fitness styles that CrossFit provides; however they’re likely not going to add a certain skill just because you want them to. If you want a different level of training, it is suggested you find another source.

Dangerous or impressive routines

It’s quite known that CrossFit is intense when it comes to its routines. However, some of their routines can be looked as strange. Due to the number of reps that are asked of people some people call CrossFit dangerous while others are impressed. Whatever your opinion maybe, CrossFit allows people to exercise at maximum capability. Whether that’s impressive or not is up to you to decide.


The Pros and Cons of CrossFitDue to the many perks of CrossFit enrolling can cost as much as three times the cost of a local gym. However, if you love a high intense workout then maybe you should splurge on CrossFit. But the price may wear on your wallet after a while. If you do want to sign up for, CrossFit has a finance plan in place just in case.

Bad coaching

There’s nothing worse than having a bad coach. Yes, people have a terrible day sometimes, but that’s not being a lousy coach. A bad coach is someone who repeatedly is argumentative, puts others down, thinks about winning regularly, and doesn’t look out for a person’s interest if you see these qualities in a coach try and find another one who thinks differently. A good coach will always put well being before winning.

Could form into addiction

Some people have an addictive personality while others don’t. Since CrossFit prides itself on competition and high intensified workout, it’s easy to get addicted. For some CrossFit and fitness is all they think about. But to obsess over lifting weights and your next goal is not healthy. CrossFit is more than an exercise. To some, it can turn into their lifestyle. But CrossFit is more than just a fitness gym it’s a community.

Whether you agree with CrossFit’s routines or not CrossFit does give both men and women the chance to exercise at maximum potential. It is expensive but you wouldn’t be interested in it if it were your local gym. CrossFit offers you an opportunity to explore what your body can do. Yes, it does push you but in a right way. You will see a spike in confidence because even if it’s the first exercise you’ve completed, it’s something you thought was impossible. So visit CrossFit today and ask an employee any questions you may have. CrossFit only works if you do.

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