The Pros and Cons of Home Workouts

by Steel Jones

Being forced to stay at home seems like a great excuse not to work out. After all, if you can’t go to your local gym, that means everyone else can’t, right? Everyone would get fat and out of shape, and time can only tell when you can visit the gym to work on your quarantine weight gain.

It’s easy to rationalize being lax because of the ongoing global health crisis, but for those men who want to improve themselves, this pandemic won’t stop them. If you can’t do your workouts in your local gyms, then why not do it from home? It’s a simple, yet effective way to continue your progress, so you can emerge from this pandemic a leaner and stronger man.

Doing your workouts from the comfort of your home has its benefits and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of home workouts, so you can decide for yourself.



PRO: You are in the privacy of your home


The Pros and Cons of Home Workouts

Even before this pandemic hit, many are already doing their workouts from home. Not everyone is comfortable with working out with a bunch of strangers. Not everyone wants to be within arm’s length of a random dude sweating over the treadmill. Some of us need to be eased into the idea of working out publicly before we consider it. This global health crisis gives you an excuse to finally work out from home and make it a regular thing. No one would be around you to judge how much you should lose, how much you should lift, and what you should be wearing. At home, you can go full commando, and no one would care.


CON: No accountability


Gyms and other fitness communities foster an environment of accountability. One person would be accountable for your progress, as you would with them, and that’s one of the cornerstones that make gym and fitness communities highly effective in helping you reach your fitness goals. Dieting and working out is a lot like altering your lifestyle, and it will feel strange and challenging at first. When you have a support group that is accountable for your progress, you can get the drive and motivation you need to continue working out.


PRO: You have full control over your workouts


When you do your workouts at home, you don’t have to follow a specific schedule to do your workouts. You can do it early in the morning, late at night, or simply whenever you please – no one would be checking if you visited the gym, how many reps you’ve done, and how long you stayed in the gym. I’m not saying that gyms have people checking on what you’re doing, but it’s awkward to loiter at the gym for hours when you’re trying to catch your breath. You can do as many workouts as you want, and as many breaks as you want, without looking creepy or lazy.


CON: You don’t have the right equipment


Having the right equipment makes your workouts easier. That’s a given. Without the right equipment with you, it could take more time and certainly more effort from you to achieve the results you want. You can try and purchase gym equipment for your home, but unless you have a big spare room to put all the machinery in, it would be problematic to turn your living space into a gym. Not to mention that gym equipment is expensive. Another factor to consider is the use of such machinery. Gyms have ample space to ensure that you are safe when you use the equipment. If you have an empty hangar to turn into a gym room, then be my guest. If not, then you’d have to settle for smaller, safe-saving gym equipment that may not work as well as the proper machinery you have in gyms.


PRO: It doesn’t cost as much


Do you know how much you paid for your gym membership this year? It’s probably more than what you would spend when you convert an empty section in your home into a workout area. With minimal equipment, you can still get a decent amount of work done – enough to continue your progress until strict health protocols are lifted. You may need a few things like an exercise mat, some weights, and training bands, and you can be sure that it’s worth a lot less than what you paid for your gym membership.


CON: You don’t have a workout buddy


If you’re living alone, then you’d really miss working out with a workout buddy. Some guys have buddies they go to the gym with, so it wouldn’t be awkward to ask a random stranger to spot for you. If you’re weight training, then you might want to stick with weights that you are comfortable with, and not the ones that would require a spotter. You’re out on your own, and you need to make do with what you have.


PRO: Personal trainers are cheaper online


The Pros and Cons of Home Workouts

Personal trainers at the gym charge a small fortune every time you visit. If you’re working out from home, you can hire a certified fitness trainer online who would give you the instructions and motivation you need to do your workouts. While exercising with online fitness trainers is a far cry from working out with a real fitness trainer on-site, you still get the information and motivation that you need to continue with your fitness progress.


Here’s a bonus:


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