Tips and Tricks for Men to Last All Night Long

by Dennis K
couple having sex woman against wall

Are you a quick-fire agent? Do you find yourself a little fast on the trigger? Or is our lady so smoking hot that you just can’t keep it in? You’re probably finding yourself willing your penis to last a little longer each time, but it just can’t hold it in. This is very common, especially when the night has been dramatic and she’s wearing those to-die-for stilettos. However, there are ways in which you can hold back a little longer, and save yourself for a grand finale finish. Try a couple of these tips and tricks for keeping your ejaculation until the right level of satisfaction.

  1. Edging

couple getting intimate on bedroom floorEdging is a technique where you take a little break or change up your style for a second, to get you out of the zone. When you feel yourself at a climatic point, it’s hard to refrain from what you are doing, but try! As you start to get to that point of pressure, try removing your penis from inside her, and giving her a little stimulation. Why not go down on her or rub your penis on her clitoris. This will send her wild and give you a moment to collect yourself, ready to dive right back in.

  1. Pelvic Floor Exercises

While most people think pelvic floor exercises are designed for women after they have given birth, in fact, these are the muscles that control your ejaculation. By strengthening and toning these, you’ll find that you will last longer while also being able to resist the urge to ejaculate when you feel you’re about to climax; it helps you gain some control. Just like every other muscle in your body, you have to train that love muscle! Try doing yoga or Pilates, focusing on exercises that pull up from the pelvic floor.

  1. Numbing Agents

While it may seem odd to want to numb your penis when you are trying to experience as much pleasure as possible, spraying a little numbing agent on the tip of your penis will help you to last longer as it desensitizes some of the nerve endings for a while. This will not affect the pleasure of the woman, in fact, she won’t notice it at all. And while they rub off during sex, it will help you to go that extra mile without blowing your load right at the starting line.

  1. Squeeze Your Penis

As you feel your pleasure start to heighten, try squeezing your hand around the base of your penis, or better yet, have your woman do it for you. This physically restricts ejaculation, which sends the orgasm back from whence it came, allowing you to carry on for a few more minutes before it rises up again.

  1. Switch It Up

preview-full-happy-couple-in-bed2Everybody has the positions that really fire them up and lead them to temptation. However, by switching positions, this can help you to relax for a moment, collect yourself, and to reorganize yourself in a position which isn’t too heavily climatic. Why not ask her what she likes and switch into a position where you can witness her pleasure while you take a rest from yours.

Sex can be complicated, especially when you are scared of disappointing. Performance anxiety can affect everyone but being in your head, rather than moving with your body only makes it worse. If you’re really scared of climaxing too soon, try boosting your body with a supplement, which helps everything to flow right and boosts your energy to last that bit longer.


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