Top 5 Fitness Fables Debunked

by Danny Fernsby
fasting diet on scale

Most fitness fables are harmless and frustrating at their worst. They can be counterproductive to your weight management goals. There are a few which have a major danger potential. Anything that compromises proper form is number one. This can lay you up with some serious injuries. You are not moving forward during downtime. Depending upon the extent of the damage, you may have to start back at square one. Bad gym advice generally leads to nada. It’s simply a waste of time. It is essential to tailor your game plan to your goals and health.

Miracle in a Box

One of the worst lies well-meaning people fall for is the miracle in a box. You see these in your email and feed all the time. This menu will melt the pounds right off and give you the body of a goddess. Or this program will pump you up to a hardbody status you can rock at the beach. It all contains a bit of bullshit.

It’s true that certain micro and macronutrients can help you achieve your health goals. You must also work your ass off to get there. Determination and dedication are first and foremost. Your health plan must be well-rounded. There are a few basic guidelines to follow regardless of your goals.

  • Take a hard look at your current dietary habits.
  • Eat nutritious food and cut back on junk.
  • Dedicate yourself to balance good fats, carbs, and protein to fit your goals.
  • Evaluate your physical activity and daily routine.
  • Be determined to push yourself harder. Get off the couch. Move your ass.
  • Increase your habit changes as needed, but only alter them in small increments.
  • Write down your plan of action and successes.
  • Reward yourself for a job well done.

Losing Grace

muscular woman with abs lifting heavy weightAnother popular fitness fable is women who weight train aren’t feminine. First of all, your mind sets the stage for how feminine or masculine you feel. There is nothing wrong with beefing up if that is your goal. Simply working out isn’t going to do that though. Weight and resistance training can be excellent tools for your health goals. Both can help burn calories and fat. They can tone, strengthen, and build muscle.

In order to really bulk up, you must increase your dietary intake and intensify your workout regimen. You must also stick with it and elevate your plan as you go. It all comes back to customizing your fitness journey to fit you.

Power Crunch

Power crunches are the only way to rock hard abs. Wrong answer. They can help you achieve a six-pack. Crunches can also hurt your back, depending on your current health. There are serval factors for flattening and toning your gut.

  • Pull-ups are great for strengthening your core.
  • Add knee raises to your pull-up routine.
  • Jackknife sit-ups can cut your abs in no time. Start out without the medicine ball then graduate to heavier and heavier weight.
  • Extended planks not only target your abs, but they can strengthen your shoulder and back muscles as well.
  • Try adding Janda sit-ups to harden your core.
  • Don’t forget cardio.
  • Swimming tones your whole body, including your core, and offers cardio simultaneously.
  • Always sleep, rest, and recover well.

Hydration Hype

You don’t need to buy tons of expensive electrolyte drinks to stay hydrated. Hydration is a key element in achieving your fitness goals. Elaborate electrolyte beverages are helpful if your routine is extremely intense or at least 90 minutes long. Extreme heat is another factor which should make you consider electrolyte drinks.

Experts generally agree that water is perfectly fine for anyone who works out in cool temps or less than 30 minutes. Whenever you knock out a quick 15 to 30-minute session, make sure you consume water. Routinely eating fresh fruit and veggie snacks throughout your day can help you maintain hydration too.

You might consider whipping up some of your own electrolyte cocktails if they are an essential element in your plan. Three simple ingredients are all you need.

  • 4 ½ Cups of Filtered Water
  • ½ Teaspoon of Sea Salt
  • 6 Teaspoons of Sugar

Note: Add a splash or so of citric fruit juice to disguise the taste a bit. Orange, lemon, and/or lime also contribute to a vitamin-infused electrolyte cocktail.

Kidney Killing Proteins

man doing crunches, sit-upsAnother rumor roaming around gyms is increasing your protein can destroy your kidneys. You should always seek professional medical advice before altering your fitness plan if you are coping with any illness. Diets high in protein do have the potential to further renal damage in individuals who suffer from kidney disease. They do not cause it to healthy bodies.

There are several other considerations to protein-boosting menus. Many physicians and therapists prescribe higher protein diets as part of a cardiovascular disease, diabetic, or hypertension management program. Be sure you properly balance your protein increase with carbs, good fats, and exercise. Your body, especially your kidneys, require a boost in your daily hydration to process the extra protein you’re eating.

Redressed Rumor Wrap-Up

Take fitness advice as a note to research. It only requires a few minutes to evaluate its value online. Remember that what works for one, will not necessarily do anything for you. Health and wellness are extremely individualized matters. Never make drastic changes in your regimen without proper consideration and medical advice, especially, if you are under a physician’s care.

Bear in mind that your mental well-being and your physical health are directly related. They form an ever-spiraling circle that is you. Hit the gym hard and dedicate yourself. Pay attention to your dietary habits and hone them accordingly. Don’t let someone else’s success story rule over good sense. If it works for you, keep on keeping on.

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