Male UltraCore Review: EVERYTHING You Want to Know! ALL SECRETS REVEALED!

by Dennis K
3 Bottles of Male UltraCore Enhancement Pills

Face it: It’s never easy to face an embarrassing situation in the bedroom. It’s never easy to shrink in the face of pressure when you’re in the heat of the moment. And most of all, it’s never easy to admit that YOU need help. ESPECIALLY when it comes to something as sensitive as YOUR manhood. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to seek help.

So if you have ever done any sort of research into male enhancement, it’s all right. It’s normal. And if you’ve done ANY sort of research on it, chances are, you will have come across Male UltraCore™ – if not for its internet presence, surely from the claims you heard it makes.

That is, for you to enjoy a “bigger, thicker, fuller” erection. An erection that will take your partner to the apex of sexual pleasure. An erection that would last longer than you ever thought you possibly could. An erection that backs up its stature with increased semen production and motility. An erection that will change your sex life…and possibly your entire self.

All this, in an all-natural, drug-free, and prescription-free product that is said to be superior in quality to most, if not all of its numerous competitors.

Those are BIG claims.

Claims that can either make or break a product in the notoriously cutthroat male enhancement industry. See, making extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence – and trust me, so many male enhancement supplements have fallen so short of the mark that they set for themselves. So, if you haven’t been getting it right in the bedroom, you may have considered Male UltraCore.

That said it’s about time for us to closely examine and evaluate the self-proclaimed best male enhancement product available in market. The producer of Male UltraCore is a reputable company that has several years of experience and many different products in market. Their product Male UltraCore, is said to be a product that is designed to provide every man with all they desire out of their sex life.


Average Results with Male Ultracore

Erection Size IncreaseAfter 3 Months

Sex-Drive IncreaseAfter 3 Months

Sexual Performance IncreaseAfter 3 Months


Male UltraCore Amazon Rating: 4.4 · 301 reviews

Before going into details about Male UltraCore and all you need to know about this product, let me give you a brief background of myself. I am a professional supplement reviewer. Companies come to me asking how to best formulate their products and how to improve their existing formulations based on the many years of my experience in the field as a consultant. Let me tell you one thing most supplement companies wouldn’t tell you blatantly: they are businesses.

Just like any other business, they seek to create a decent product that costs the least to manufacture.

They are NOT charities that do this for the betterment of mankind (although that would have been nice – you can’t always get what you want, can you?). What I can tell you straight off the bat about Male UltraCore is that its manufacturers did NOT follow this model.

This is a case of a supplement company ditching conventional business wisdom in order to provide its customers with a superior product – no corners were cut and no expense was unspent in order to make this product stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


Why is Male UltraCore different from other products?


Effects of Male UltraCore Male Performance Supplements

Male UltraCore effects are faster than any other supplements. You don’t have to wait hours for its effects to kick start. It only takes a few minutes. So in short, a 100% natural and safe product that uses a highly effective delivery system. That is the product’s real payload.

This is where the REAL difference lies: Male UltraCore and its ingredients are all derived from very high standardized extracts. While the leading brands in the market use standardized extracts of only as high as 10%, Male UltraCore has tested for as high as 50% standardized extracts.

That’s quintuple more than what the leading brands in the market contain.

The rest of its competitors use only a paltry 1% to 2% standardized extract of ingredients – which is why male enhancement supplements can be a hit or miss (most probably miss) proposition.

And therein lies the key difference – you can just imagine how fast, powerful, and dramatic the effects of Male UltraCore will be. Explosive. The best part is that these standardized extracts have the science to back them up – and are tested to be safe for consumption at recommended doses.

This is what makes MUC so much better; all of its key ingredients feature extremely high standardized extracts of the choicest ingredients available.


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How does Male UltraCore Work?


VI-PEX and STEM Technology

Male UltraCore relies on two patented technologies it has pioneered: the VI-PEX and STEM technologies. More on this in just a second.

With the help of Male UltraCore’s Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expanding (VI-PEX) technology and the natural phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, there is a record of miraculous penis transformation among users.

A healthy blood flow is important for a strong erection and an intense orgasm. This is exactly what Male UltraCore does. It helps to dilate blood vessels that supply the penis. This improves the blood flow to the penis. Vasodilation prevents occlusion or stenosis. More blood flow to the penis simply means a stronger erection with an intense bang for the finish.

L-arginine which is also a component of Male UltraCore is an amino acid that helps make protein. It becomes nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is important for erectile function because it helps blood vessels relax, so more oxygen rich blood can circulate through your penile arteries.

Working synergistically with VI-PEX is yet another one of Male UltraCore’s patented technologies: Sustained Testosterone Enhancement (STEM) technology.

STEM releases testosterone boosting compounds such as Tongkat Ali and ZMA. These compounds increase the production of the male sex hormone called testosterone, boosting your sex drive, giving you a bigger and fuller penis. Your libido stays strong as you grow older.

In addition to increasing the release of testosterone, Male UltraCore helps to release ingredients that inhibit the enzyme that breaks down testosterone. Therefore, making testosterone readily available. Male UltraCore makes sure that you never run low on testosterone.

However, considering the combined effect of the VI-PEX and the STEM technology, Male UltraCore provides a dramatic increase in blood flow to the penis with improved sex drive thanks to its testosterone boosting capabilities.

In short, it does what it says it does – in a supplement that’s all-natural, drug-free, prescription-free, and 100% safe for continued supplementation. All delivered with only the highest-quality standardized extracts of its proprietary formula possible.


What are the Ingredients of Male UltraCore?


Male UltraCore’s unique formula is made from 100% natural ingredients. That makes it completely safe for use beside its effectiveness. In addition, this product uses a system of targeted delivery which maximizes effectiveness and minimizes risks of side effects. This was the major reason why I got interested in this product.

Male UltraCore Ingredients


The major ingredients in Male UltraCore include:


L-Arginine – a semi-essential amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide, which triggers vasodilation
Horny Goat Weed – a herb known for its androgenic benefits thanks to its Icariin content; Male UltraCore boasts a 60% extract of Icariin, undoubtedly the highest and purest form of it available today
Tribulus Terrestris – supports testosterone retention
Maca Root – inhibits neurotransmitters that reduces the refractory period for men for more erections and more stamina
Tongkat Ali – the ultimate male enhancement ingredient; boosts your erection size, libido, and stamina as well as increases production of testosterone
KSM-66 – the world’s best strain of Ashwagandha; clinically proven to increase testosterone and reduce performance anxiety leading to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
Fenugreek – builds up free testosterone levels without side effects arising from dihydrotestosterone buildup
ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate) – maintains testosterone production; also converts cholesterol to testosterone
Muira Puama – improves erection quality
Damiana extract – boosts sensitivity to sexual stimuli
Xanthoparmelia scabrosa – testosterone booster that works with ZMA


What are the Long Term Benefits of Male UltraCore?


The long-term benefits of Male UltraCore are both physical and emotional. They include:

Hundreds of thousands of fully satisfied customers.
Boosting your sex drive; Intensify orgasms.
 Increasing the size of your erection; A bigger, fuller and harder penis when fully erect.
Influencing the quality of your erection positively; Incredible changes in erection quality and firmness
Increasing your stamina during sex.
Reducing premature ejaculation drastically.
All natural, no drug, no doctor’s prescription needed.
Male UltraCore is designed to allow men last longer in bed.
Extremely potent formula; It comes with miraculously efficient formula with reliable and harmless ingredients.

This is where the magic of Male UltraCore works best – on continued supplementation.


Male UltraCore Best Price – Premier Loyalty Pricing

Male UltraCore Review: EVERYTHING You Want to Know! ALL SECRETS REVEALED!

You may have read on the website of Male UltraCore that they offer massive savings for customers. Based on a lot of conversations I’ve had with customers and some experts, I get the impression that many think that the savings that Male UltraCore referred to are the savings you get on your initial purchase. You see, Male UltraCore is offered at $99.95 a month on their website, while plenty of experts value the product at around $150 or more. Apparently, the savings referred to by Male UltraCore isn’t just the  savings you get by ordering the monthly plan; it’s the savings you get after the third month of getting Male UltraCore.

After getting Male UltraCore for three consecutive months, you automatically get upgraded to the Premier Loyalty Pricing. Customers included in the Premier Loyalty Pricing enjoy a massively discounted price of just $39.95 for the Silver tier, $49.95 for the Gold tier, and $59.95 for the Platinum tier. That means that you get more savings as you continue to take Male UltraCore daily.

If anything, this should motivate you to continue taking Male UltraCore for the first three months to fully take advantage of the benefits of the supplement because you’d be getting a massively discounted price at the end of the three-month period.

If you’re looking to upgrade your plan, being on the Premier Loyalty Pricing is a great opportunity for you to make it affordable to make the upgrade. With the Gold tier, you’d be getting Male UltraCore and Extreme Testosterone for just $49.95 – a whopping $30 off from the $89.95 that you used to pay for the first three months. Add $10 more and you get the Platinum Tier, which gives you three supplements monthly – Male UltraCore, Extreme Testosterone, and Ultra Boost.

Think about it – three supplements, and $20 savings at the end of it. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?



Is Male UltraCore Worth It?


Male UltraCore Supplements - Is It Worth It


I have compared this product with other similar products and based on my evaluation, I agree that Male UltraCore is the best male enhancement product currently available in market. Male UltraCore is a very effective product for erectile dysfunction. There are several positive reviews coming from happy users. The unique formula of Male UltraCore is created from 100% natural ingredients and that increases its safety for use.

There is a reason why users prefer Male UltraCore to any other male supplement among the stream of products, the reason is of its effectiveness – no other supplement in the market comes close to transforming your penis, sex life, and beyond like it does.

Male UltraCore Review: EVERYTHING You Want to Know! ALL SECRETS REVEALED!

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