Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are Metabolism Myths You Must Know!

by Dennis K
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how-to-increase-your-metabolism-2__squareDo you know a lot about metabolism and what it has to do with your weight loss? Maybe you just think you know a lot about it. There is so much information swarming the internet that you always have something to read. The truth is that over half of the information coming from the internet is from those who have no knowledge of the subject they are writing about. Articles are disputing each other and have nothing to support their facts. If you want to information about trying to lose weight, you need to know more about the metabolism myths and the facts that show more about them as well. You can keep reading here today to get that information. You don’t want to get and believe the wrong information so make sure you pay attention to the proven facts that show why these metabolism myths are completely off-base.

After 7 P.M. Eating

You have probably heard that you should never eat after 7 P.M. or it will cause your metabolism to slow down. That is one of the most common metabolism myths. Eating later in the evening is not going to cause you to have slower metabolism. Your metabolism slows down when it needs energy to thrive. After you have been awake for a long time and active, your body is going to tire out. That is the sign that you need to sleep. If you don’t have a small snack later in the evening your metabolism will slow down. In fact, if you want to lose weight you should have that snack or small meal later in the evening.

Your Metabolism is What it Is

the-big-6-metabolism-facts-you-need-to-knowThere are many people who believe that their metabolism is what it is. This is another one of the most common myths regarding metabolism. There are some people who have slower metabolism than other people and some people have faster metabolism rates. Even if you do have slower metabolism rates than the next person that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In fact, the first thing you can do is start exercising more. Not only will that boost your metabolism but it will help you lose weight too. Another thing you can do is to eat balanced, healthier and smaller meals often throughout the day. Last but not least, you can eat a lot of protein. Your body will burn off many calories trying to digest the protein.

Lifting Weights Causes Metabolism to Transfer Fat to Muscle

Alright so you have also heard that lifting weights is going to cause your metabolism to turn your fat to muscle. Absolutely not. Yes, people would like to believe they can turn fat to muscle by lifting those weights. However, fat is just fat and it is not muscle. You need to lose the fat so you can build the muscle that is beneath that fat. It doesn’t matter whether you have slower or faster metabolism your fat can’t be turned to muscle.

Muscle Won’t Affect Your Metabolism

You may have also heard that muscle won’t affect your metabolism. This is another one of the nonsense metabolism myths. Your muscle does affect your metabolism rates. When you build more muscle, your metabolism becomes much more efficient. This is because your muscle needs energy to stay sustained so your metabolism has to work harder to provide it with that energy.

These are some of the metabolism myths you must know about. Keep them in mind when you are trying to lose weight.

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