Weight Loss Trends in 2017-Which Ones Are the Best and Which Ones Should You Avoid?

by Dennis K
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Getting in shape, eating healthier and living an overall healthier life are common new years’ resolutions that people make. There is always plenty of hype around this time of year, but after the summer has come and passed people tend to put their diet and exercise routines on the backburner.

With that being said, the year is drawing closer to the end with the approach of the fall and we have had plenty of time to try out and assess all of the new trends that popped up this year. Here are some of the best, most effective weight loss trends from 2017 that you should know about, and how you can use them to your advantage come 2018.

1-Eating Foods to Improve Gut Health

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One of the most popular trends in dieting this year revolved around optimizing the health of our digestive tract. This is because the bacteria that line our guts are essential in both the digestion and synthesis of the nutrients that we eat.

A poor diet, one that revolves around high calorie, yet nutritionally poor food-is believed to have a huge negative impact on our ability to lose weight. The belief is that when these beneficial bacteria are lost through a poor diet, it can cause things like bloating, discomfort and of course inhibits our bodies from functioning at its best.

Making sure that our digestive system is healthy and is full of these beneficial bacteria is essential to not only weight loss, but our health in general.

Foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, miso soup, and other fermented foods can help to maintain the health of our gut, by replenishing our digestive tract with these beneficial bacteria.

2-Live Stream Classes

Live stream classes are a relatively new trend, with these classes becoming more available to the general population, and becoming more mainstream. Live stream classes are very popular because just like your traditional DVD exercise routine, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Not having to worry about planning your gym excursion is a huge benefit, but live stream classes offer something new also. Unlike your DVD exercise programs, you can immerse yourself more so into a live stream class.

This is because you can interact with your instructor right then and there, just like you would be able to if you were physically in the class at the gym. This is a huge motivator as it makes you feel more a part of the class than you would from just the DVD.

3-Outdoor Fitness

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Every so often the landscape in fitness shifts back from the gym to the outdoors, and vice-versa. This go around more people are transitioning from the gym to the outdoors, because of how much variety there is available.

Boot camp style workouts are extremely popular, especially ones like cross fit, or similar ones that revolve around the same type of idea. These routines usually involve many different types of exercises which are usually done at a high pace to help accelerate the calories burned and fat lost in the process.

These classes are also really popular because they can be tailored around a busy schedule, which really coincides with many people’s lives today. There are programs specifically designed for anyone out there, no matter what your limitation may be.

What Is the Worst Weight Loss Trend to Avoid?

Being able to identify an exercise or diet plan as bad can be difficult from just looking at the barebones of the plan itself, however there are some things to avoid in general.

For some reason juicing and cleansing diets are very trendy as of late, and these are the ones you want to avoid more so than others. Many of these promise CBD weight loss due to a reduction in calories, which is true initially but doesn’t work in the long run.

These juicing diets not only puts the dieter in a caloric deficit, but also in regards to other nutrients as well. The same thing can be said for “souping” diets as well, which follow similar guidelines.

Juice cleanses, soups, and nut milks for example all can help you to maintain a healthy weight, however like much anything else they shouldn’t be used exclusively. Doing so can really put your health at risk, all for a very minimal, temporary change.

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