Weird Side Effects of Sex No One Wants to Talk About

by Danny Fernsby
awkward after sex

If you ask the experts, sex is good for the human body. Sure, it is. It lowers stress levels, the risks of cancer, and heart attacks. A good sex keeps you emotionally and physically connected with your partner. Aside from getting a good feeling after sex, you’re also getting a boost in your health.

But if you have noticed, there are weird things your body goes through after sharing a physical intimacy with someone. Whatever they are, the experts are here to tell us why.

Your body craves for sleep

According to researchers in the Netherlands who study men’s brains before, during, and after an orgasm, there’s a massive shift in blood flow happening in the brain during the orgasm, particularly the left brain. A large part of it becomes devoid of blood when you climax. As a result of less blood flow, only a few neurons are active, giving you that sleepy feeling.

Another thing is your body releases a tremendous amount of endorphins right after ejaculation. These chemicals give you a relaxed feeling, slow down your brain waves and brain functioning, and ultimately make you feel tired.

penile painYour penis hurts

When the pain lasts only seconds it’s not a cause for worry. The muscle contraction can cause some pain, especially in forced ejaculation. However, if the pain persists for a few days, you may want to consult a health professional because this can be a case of infection in the testicles, prostate, or a sexually transmitted disease. Your doctor may prescribe you with an antibiotic.

You find it hard to pee

There are times when you want to pee right after sex, but you just can’t. According to Dr. Jonathan Schiff, assistant clinical professor of urology, this happens because the internal sphincter muscle has to clamp down tightly to close off the neck of the bladder and allow the fluid to come forward during ejaculation. If not, the fluid will find its way through the bladder.

Give your muscles the much needed time to relax after sex. It can be a bit painful when you force it.

Your toes cramp

Your nerves go through a lot during sex, specifically those connected to the spinal cord. These nerves help you ejaculate by squeezing the muscles in your pelvis. An intense orgasm causes a sympathetic stimulation in a nearby nerve, particularly the one involved in the sensation going to the outer part of the foot.

Experts even said that having curled toes during sex is a good sign. Whatever they mean by that, let’s take it as a sign of a good sex.

Your penis feels like shrinking

The thought of this might seem terrifying, but doctors say, relax, it’s just your perception. When you’re on the edge of ecstasy, your testicles seem to disappear, and you feel like your penis is shrinking. This happens when the cremaster muscle contracts and brings your testicles closer to your body during ejaculation.

You can’t get hard quickly again

If you have a truly amazing partner, getting hard right after the first round could be tempting. But if you have noticed, getting hard again after sex is age-related.

When you’re in the twenties, it may take as little as five minutes to buckle up and do it again. This refractory period could take several hours for older men and even days for men who are in their fifties.

The refractory period is the time when a man can’t bring himself to a climax again. It takes time for the brain to redistribute the disrupted blood flow.

Things need to settle before a man can come again. Women experience multiple orgasms because they don’t go through this refractory period.

You want for more

The human brain has been wired to do more of the things that can give it a good feeling and sex is one of those. During intercourse, the endorphins or happy hormones are released giving you a generally good feeling.

But when your desire seems to be insatiable and you want to do the deed as often as you want, this is often the result of a sperm build up in your testicles, which makes you long for a sexual release. As you engage in sex more often, the more your body is likely to produce a semen.

You suddenly lose interest

smoking after sexLosing interest in the middle of sex does happen and it may freak the hell out of both you and your partner. This happens for a lot of reasons. One is when some unfortunate thoughts suddenly come in your mind and they drastically distract you out of focus. These may be problems in the workplace or in other areas of life that need your immediate attention.

Stress can also be a hindrance that keeps your arousal at bay. Listening to what your body needs is the best way to avoid having problems in your sex life.

You get orgasm headache

Having headaches after sex is linked to health problems associated with blood pressure. According to research, sex headaches can be chronic and can occur for more than a year, though others are found to suffer from it only once.

Experts said that getting one is not a cause for a serious concern as it’s not usually associated with any serious health problems. You can ease the pain by taking pain relievers.

But of course, it pays to have your blood pressure checked to have peace of mind.

You smell bad down there

After sex, you sense a noticeable smell down there. It’s not that offensive but enough to make you notice. According to experts, this smell is a combination of the fluids that both men and women secreted. But much of it comes from the seminal fluid and the prostatic fluid secreted during ejaculation.

The glands around women’s vagina also secrete fluids. The coming together of the men’s alkaline fluid and the women’s acidic fluid creates this special kind of smell.

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