What Does Being Fat Do To Your Penis?

by Steel Jones

Sex is good for us in so many ways. Apart from being extremely beneficial for achieving optimal mental health, engaging in sexual intercourse is a great workout that helps you stay in shape. Sex reduces anxiety and depression, and increases an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

One of the many concerns men have about sex is whether they are big enough to satisfy their partner, along with keeping erections longer and stronger, not to mention the stamina and endurance for vigorous, thoroughly satisfying sex.

But out of all the things we associate with health conditions leading to a small penis, one of the most egregious sins is being overweight.

That’s because not only does it make your member appear smaller, but it opens up a Pandora’s box of all sorts of potential health concerns that don’t end with your man parts – but rather potentially chronic, serious disorders with far-ranging consequences to your health.

Let’s take a deep dive on the effects of being overweight and how it affects your penis.


Let’s talk about size

In general, surveys show that the average penis size is around 3.5 inches when flaccid and 5-6 inches when fully erect.

Now, before you take a ruler and whip out your weiner against it, we must mention that for a lot of overweight men, the trouble isn’t with seeing how they compare to the norm. Rather, it is to determine whether they can even see their penis.

Case in point: one in three men are too fat to see their own penis.

And quite frankly, being able to see your penis is actually a great diagnostic indicator of your chances of contracting a wide array of weight-related health conditions or disorders.

So, can you?


Measuring your junk

What Does Being Fat Do To Your Penis?So, let’s get physical.

In spite of what you might have heard, the base of the penis is located well within the body.

Now, onto the measuring side of things! Take a ruler and press it firmly against the pubic bone. This is the official way of measuring penis size. There are two ways penis size is categorized: one is via bone-pressed erect length and non-bone pressed erect length. Pressing the ruler firmly against your pubic bone will help determine the former, while the latter is the erect length of your penis without pressing the ruler firmly.

Here’s the thing: the more fat you have around the base of your penis, the less of it you see with your own two eyes.

Meanwhile, if you’re carrying around 40 pounds over your ideal weight, you lose an inch of your visible penis. If you’re carrying twice that amount, then you lose two inches off your pecker.

But you don’t really have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the heavier you weigh, the less likely your penis shows.

So if THAT’S not enough reason and motivation for you to lose weight, we don’t know what can.

One thing is for sure: if you keep gaining weight, the fat pad around your pubic bone and your stomach will ultimately crowd out your penis. This leads to an unsightly condition known as “buried penis”, wherein the organ is literally buried under excess fat and skin. The increased temperature and moisture around the penis due to this condition may lead to complications such as infections.

But that’s really the LEAST of your worries. There’s a lot more you stand to lose than just inches off your penis. Here are five common conditions often reported alongside excessive weight gain.

What Does Being Fat Do To Your Penis?

  • Loss of sensation. You might experience loss of sensation when the extra fat from your gut starts compressing the thousands of nerve endings at the tip of your penis, leading to less satisfaction and an inability to respond to sexual stimuli.
  • Low confidence and self-esteem. Your self-confidence can take a hit due to suffering the consequences of a buried penis, or if you are carrying too much weight. And when your confidence goes, it can affect your entire life – physically, sexually, and mentally. That means even more stress, anxiety, and depression, which are things you can ill afford when you’re already dealing with a weight problem.
  • Poor skin health. Excess weight around the penis is an irresistible breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens due to the hot, moist, and sweaty conditions that they offer. Candida albicans, tinea cruris, and thrush are common symptoms caused by excess weight.
  • Reduced stamina. Being overweight doesn’t instantly mean you aren’t fit. However, it’s no secret that many individuals struggling with weight issues commonly report reduced stamina and inability to last long as they wish. And when your cardiovascular output dwindles, then it can affect your sexual performance immensely.
  • Circulatory issues. Worse, excess weight doesn’t just screw up your nerve tissue, but it can also increase the likelihood of running into circulation issues. This leads to a decreased volume of blood flow to the penis, making you a prime candidate for suffering some degree of erectile dysfunction.



Ultimately, losing weight has no bearing on increasing your penis size. However, if you are overweight, and if you can manage to lose excess fat around your thighs, groin, and stomach, then your penis might appear larger than it would if you had kept the excess weight on.

That said, it’s valuable to remember that penis size is determined by genetics, like anything else we associate with the genes we inherit that dictate our height, weight, predispositions, and skin tone, to give a few examples.

In the end, while size may matter for some individuals, it really doesn’t when it comes to enjoying the pleasures of engaging in sexual activities. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have serious worries about your penis size. Just remember that penis size is less important than the pleasure you deliver from working it. Men and women of all body types, figures, and shapes are 100% able to enjoy satisfying sex lives.

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